Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The reason why Holland will be world champion soccer 2010...

Holland plays the semi-final against U-R-Gay tonight. And we have special forces...)!
Picture: thewestistheverybest.nl

Traffic Jam worse in Amsterdam than Istanbul?

I don't know who wrote that story but a Dutch newspaper reports that Dutch capital, Amsterdam has the worst traffic problems in Europe (..)," and adds, "average home to work travel time is a whopping 31.5 minutes". Do they consider Istanbul Europe, probably not. Anyway IBM investigated traffic jams in cities across the globe and ranked Amsterdam 13th, behind major metropolises such as Beijing, Mexico City, Johannesburg, Moscow and New Delhi.

And the situation in Amsterdam would be significantly worse if the bicycle wasn't so popular; some 23 percent of people in the capital go to work on a bike, compared to an average of two percent in other major cities. Interestingly, people in the Dutch capital are pretty laconic about traffic snarl-ups. IBM mobility expert Mark Huitema tells the "Amsterdammers complain the least about traffic problems".
Mr Huitema says the new government must tackle traffic jams in and around the capital and called for better public transport, more opportunities to work from home and improved traffic information. "Reports on the actual traffic situation in Amsterdam are about 30 minutes behind the facts, says the mobility expert.
Okay, this mobility expert has never been to Istanbul were commuting is average 1 hr, twice a day. And if you have bad luck 2 x 2.5 hrs a day. I know a lot of people who make that 4 a 5 hrs a day. Definetely, for IBM Istanbul is not Europe. And the Amsterdam public transportation is one of the finest in the world. I talk from own experiences.

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The Armenian Cathedral of the Holy Cros on Akdamar Island in Lake Van, Turkey

Monday, July 5, 2010

#Statement 40

Safeguarding the rights of others is the most noble and beautiful end of a human being.

Kahlil Gibran

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Islands of Greece, on the right, Turkey!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Turkish court upholds ban on YouTube

So, nothing new:

The Ankara court responsible for the YouTube ban has upheld its decision in an appeal brought forth by an association of technology experts, saying the appeal has no merit because the website has not altered its activities.

The Internet Technologies Association, or İNTED, submitted its appeal petition after the court decided to approve a request from the Press Crimes Department to block 44 proxy websites that provide access to YouTube by hiding users’ IP addresses. But when the Ankara 1st Criminal Court of Peace examined İNTED’s appeal petition, Judge Hayri Keskin rejected it and the dossier has since been sent to Ankara’s 13th Criminal Court for further examination.
“According to the additional decision made by our court, the website still continues to break the law, which makes the YouTube attorney and İNTED’s appeals groundless,” the 1st court said recently.

The court wants YouTube officials to remove “unlawful and inappropriate content” from global access although it is already inaccessible from within Turkey. İNTED, however, said fulfilling this requirement would breech jurisdiction limits “with purposes of establishing international law.”

The 1st court originally banned access to YouTube on May 5, 2008, on grounds that the website had broadcast videos including content defaming Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the modern Turkish Republic. The block on the 44 proxies sites was requested after prosecutor Kürşat Kayral, working in the Press Crimes Department of the Ankara Chief Prosecutor’s Office, inquired at the Telecommunication Transmission Directorate, or TİB, whether there were proxy websites that allowed access to banned websites possible. In their reply, TİB confirmed 44 new proxy servers served the purpose.

More than 60,000 pro-Atatürk videos on YouTube

İNTED’S appeal stated that banning access to YouTube punished all citizens. “There are over 60,000 pro-Atatürk videos on YouTube. How beneficial would it be to ban the many because of a contrary few? It is a miracle to have access to this handful of videos for someone who does not know their exact address,” the petition stated
The petition also noted that because the ban on the website had continued for two years, it constituted a serious limitation on freedoms of communication, freedoms of expression, freedoms of entertainment, freedoms of advertisement, freedoms of learning and freedoms of organization for those citizens who want to use YouTube.
“As citizens of Turkish Republic, we are punished without being guilty," the appeal stated. "Our rights to a fair trail are also limited and the ban seriously undermines Turkey’s prestige.”
The appeal said bans should be used for inappropriate or unlawful material only, likening the situation to shutting down an entire library because it contained a prohibited publication. “Shutting down YouTube is as odd as banning the printing press," the appeal noted. "That is why ECHR [the European Court of Human Rights] gave our case priority.”

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Happy 4th of July!
Fireworks at the Washington Monument

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bad Losers; Brazil - the Netherlands

The right attitude!.)

Neverlands became the Netherlands

The Netherlands on its way to the finals!

FIFA world ranking soccer by country

Latest FIFA ranking by country (april 2010). New one on the 14th of July 2010

1 Brazil 1611 

2 Spain 1565 

3 Portugal 1249 

4 Netherlands 1231 

5 Italy 1184

6 Germany 1082

7 Argentina 1076 

8 England 1068 

9 France 1044 

10 Croatia 1041 

11 Russia 1015 

12 Egypt 967

13 Greece 964 

14 USA 957 

15 Serbia 947 

16 Uruguay 899 

17 Mexico 895 

18 Chile 888 

19 Cameroon 887

20 Australia 886 

21 Nigeria 883 

22 Norway 882 

23 Ukraine 875

24 Switzerland 866 

25 Slovenia 860 

26 Israel 857 

27 Côte d'Ivoire 856 

28 Romania 853 

29 Turkey 830 

30 Algeria 821 

31 Paraguay 820 

32 Ghana 800 

33 Czech Republic 793 

34 Slovakia 777 

35 Colombia 776

36 Denmark 767 

37 Sweden 761 

38 Honduras 734 

39 Bulgaria 711 

40 Costa Rica 710 

41 Republic of Ireland 709 

42 Gabon 700 

43 Scotland 699 

44 Ecuador 694 

45 Japan 682 

46 Latvia 652 

47 Korea Republic 632 

48 Burkina Faso 611 

49 Venezuela 608 

49 Lithuania 608

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Holland - Brazil.. 2-1 Sambaybye...

Holland greets Brazil...)

(picture depers.nl)

Censocrats @ work in Ankara - D-Day in Turkey?

This article from the BBC gives a good review of the Youtube and Google ban in Turkey. How long does it take to put blogspot (which is Google related) to the blacklist??? When will the allies resurrect against the pencil-licking censocrats and have another D-Day, where D stands for (Re)digitalization...

Last month Turks found they could not access many Google services. YouTube is already banned. The BBC's Jonathan Head looks at this brewing battle between Turkey and one of the giants of the internet.

Sitting in an Istanbul cafe Ozan Tuzun taps away furiously on the keyboard of his laptop, trying to break the invisible walls that surround him.

"I'm going to DNS.com now to take one of their numbers… I enter it… no that didn't work. Right let's try to get a DNS from Google… no… ok we'll try Ktunnel…"

What Ozan is doing - and it takes him about 10 minutes - is something most of us can do in just seconds.

He wants to watch YouTube. And he's an expert, a technology buff; most people trying the same thing from Turkey would give up.

"It's very frustrating, it makes me feel like I'm living in a third world country," he says.

The ban on YouTube was imposed by a court in Ankara on 5 May 2008, after a series of 17 temporary bans the preceding year.

The grounds by the courts given each time varied, but they followed a number of complaints from Turkish citizens about videos on YouTube deemed insulting to Kemal Ataturk, the country's revered first president.

Crimes against Ataturk

In 2007 the government passed a sweeping law regulating the internet, known as Law No 5651.

It allows a court to block any website where there is "sufficient suspicion" that a crime has occurred.

The eight crimes listed include child pornography, gambling, prostitution, and "crimes against Ataturk". Insulting or denigrating Ataturk was already a crime.

The Turkish government refuses to publish statistics, but campaigners for internet freedom estimate that more than 4,000 websites are currently blocked, making internet censorship in Turkey amongst the heaviest in the world.

"For years I wrote about China and Middle Eastern countries that tried to censor the internet," says Serdar Kuzuoglu, the technology editor for Radikal newspaper, "but I could never imagine that one day I would be writing the same things about my own country."

"The blocking process is very unclear. There are eight categories of crimes which allow the courts to block a site, but it can also come from an individual complaint.

"It's very difficult to find the responsible person."

Read the full article here.

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Happy Birthday Canada (1 July)

Arash's World: So many Books, So little Time#links

Arash's World: So many Books, So little Time#links

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Black boxes in operation rooms?

What about introducing a black box into operation rooms at hospitals? Everything a surgeon says and does would be registered as would the condition of the patient. If things went wrong, you would be able to find out exactly what happened. The idea has been introduced in a hospital in the southern Dutch city of Breda. It has been welcomed by the Dutch Health Inspectorate and other hospitals are interested too.
A staggering 1750 patients die unnecessarily in hospitals every year. A doctor explains "By discussing operations and births that go wrong, the number of deaths can be reduced."
The inspectorate agrees a black box would be a "useful aid" to improve team performance. But it warns that it should only be used for this purpose and not to investigate cases afterwards. Otherwise doctors might refuse to cooperate for fears that their work would end up on YouTube.
Interestingly the surname of the journalist who wrote the report happens to be Docter. Coincidence, I guess. Or is Big Brother watching you?

Predator set free for unscrupulous hunting

Women trafficker Saban Baran has been released on bail by the Turkish court in Antalya.

Baran was arrested last February in the southern Turkish resort on suspicion of mistreatment and extortion of his old partner Bekir I.
Turkish Prosecutor demands a possible prison sentence of seven to fifteen years due to Baran's mistreatment and extortion.

The Turkish judge put the, in The Netherlands convicted trafficker, at liberty, after an amount of 16,000 euros was paid. Baran can not leave Turkey and must report every fifteen days. The lawsuit against him continues on October 12.

Baran is being suspected in The Netherlands, together with five others, of unscrupulous trade of women. He was therefore sentenced to 7.5 years in prison. The trafficker fled to Turkey last September when the court in Arnhem temporaily suspended his custody so he could see his newborn baby.
The appeal against Baran and the five other defendants in the so-called research Snap begins October 1 with the hearing of all present suspects. The court is expected to hear the public prosecutor's demands on November 19.

Meanwhile, protests from several European Ministers of Justice are heard, in order to warn Turkey not to take these kinds of decisions.

In my humble opinion, I wonder what the judicial representative must have been thinking. Doesn't he have a daughter who goes to clubs, ran by dangerous criminals like Baran, risking deportation to other countries and being abused in order to make money for Baran??? Come on, judge, wake up, if you go on like this, Turkey will become infamous for housing ruthless predators. Which is worse: bomb threats in touristic areas or men abducting innocent girls and women? What must've gone through the judges mind when he hit his hammer on the desk, in the middle of the tourist season.

Happy holidays...

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Ravello, Italy

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, doing the naked lunch

Wouldn't you?

My foot hurts. The tendon where the repair took place last November is like a Polish sausage, squeezing the nerves to where I don't feel much in my foot anywhere, which is bringing my foot into line with how I have felt for several decades.

That's no excuse for not posting, of course, because there is a weekly period after lunch on Tuesday when I should be able to share my ludicrous thoughts with more than 6 billion people, most of whom don't even read the language I write.

I have often used the metaphor of cave paintings to describe what I do. Mrs. Faustroll thinks this is an expression of my suicidal pessimism, but I don't think it is.

I am going to die without ever accomplishing anything — as most of us are. Why? Because politics is poopadoodle, and real people don't have the resources to play with other people's lives.

We are all here by accident with equal opportunity to become collateral damage while the muck-muck settle their petty grievances and defend this shit they do in the liberal media. Irony is not lost on my laundry.

As I have said and written repeatedly since I could do so: I believe nothing. I believe in nothing. Belief is a wall between you and what you are a part of.

How many are we? Why does it matter? Matter is just a selfish form of energy. Does the world compute to you?

I don't compete. What would I compete for? Who would I compete against?

That is what I find so funny.

That anyone would think I have answers to any of the questions I ask. I only write about the questions that I don't see anyone asking.

People are not normally strange. Strange people are assholes, and you should watch out for them. They are not your friends, no matter what promises they make.

And, of course, I am still committed to bringing on the bomb, because I've paid for it, and surely more people deserve to experience the blessed relief of the big one than a bunch of Japs. What other solution does anyone have?

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