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Some interesting facts about Sarah Palin (1)

Sarah Michael Palin was born February 30, 1968 in Idaho after being conceived in Satanic Ritual Abuse by the Republican Party. She is the half-milf governor of Alaska, and was the 2008 Republican Party nominee for the office of Vice President in the 2008 United States presidential election. She is best known for being the second sexiest candidate running for Vice President in 2008, and recently surpassed singer Jewel as the top result for the Google search "crazy alaska hottie".
The mother of thirteen (not including numerous aborted fetuses), she is a certified self-rejuvenating virgin who enjoys eating caribou, banning books and saying feminist, empowering statements like "Math is hard!" when you pull the string on the back of her neck. The movie "Cannibal Holocaust" (1980) is based loosely on Palin's courtship with her husband.
Early Life
Palin was born deep beneath Idaho, and when she was young her family moved to Inuit country, far above the arctic circle, to get away from black people and homosexuals. She was reported to be born with her head up her ass and foot in her mouth. Through the dark arts taught to her by her witchdoctor/pastor of her church, she is able to look like a normal person by means of a head which is not really there. Many scientists speculate she is the dumbest person on the planet. This is backed up by her entire existance as the most moronic person alive. The only reason she was elected Governer of Alaska is because the people just felt so darn bad for her.
As a child, Palin had few cronies friends. To amuse herself she took up the hobby of putting lipstick on her family pets, which swiftly became an obsession. To date, she has applied it liberally to pitbulls, pigs, and her children. At one point, she even considered opening a pet-lipstick store.

Palin putting lipstick on a caribou, oh wait, that's not...
Prior to her life in public service, she earned the nickname "bespectacled cunt-brarian" for her young looks, glasses and effective shushing sound (which is generally followed with a subtle "ya know, jeese louuwheeese"). In fact, her glasses apparently give her the extraordinary ability to see the Russia--but evidently not Africa--from anywhere in her home state. She also spent several years as a customer liason for the fortune 500 company "Hooters", working for client satisfaction in one of the local
Source: uncyclopedia

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Constantinople (now Istanbul), Golden Gate Bridge, ca 1900 (click on photo to enlarge)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

From Word file to PDF

I know, I'm a geek, but it's great how you can use the world wide web for almost everything you want.

Today I had to write an official letter which I don't want to be changed. You can lock the words in Word, but a PDF file is like a picture. Added an extra document, even enclosed my signature.

So went on the web in search for a converter and voila! Found doc2pdf. Couldn't keep this for myself.

Now I've to wait if they accept it as an official reply.

Did you know that ? (7)

Yesterday, 31 August 2009, legislation granting lesbians equal birth rights in England and Wales came into effect, meaning both parents can now be named on a child's birth certificate. The legislation was criticised by those who believe it was "damaging the traditional notion of a family".

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Turkish sensationalism - Journalism

It looks like that I am not the only Dutch in Turkey who is disturbed by the sensationalistic and prejudice Turkish press. No matter if they are Zaman, Hurriyet or Cumhuriyer. They all show some ignorance when it comes to foreign relations. Or do they play the nationalistic card; the faults made when Turks are involved are always caused by foreigners; Turks don’t make any mistakes, so simple is that. Remember the terrible crash of Turkish Airlines in Amsterdam dd. 25.02.09 which killed nine people and around 80 injured? It was the fault of the Dutch, the wind, Boeing etc. In the end, an independent commission reached to the conclusion that it was the fault of the crew, which was not prepared. But the crew was already buried in Turkey with honor and grace. No word in the Turkish press that it was Turkish Airlines its fault, to keep the spirit high I guess.
To the point; most of the Turkish media reported lately a raise in Islamphobia in the Netherlands; 3 Turks were killed and this was the result of racism. The murders were Dutch even before the police ended their investigations. But what was the result of this investigation? They all were murdered by fellow Turks. One, the well known Turkish Dutch owner of a day care is supposedly killed by a Turkish homeless guy. The other two, by Turkish gangs.
Here what a fellow Dutch wrote in Radikal, an excerpt:

In the meantime, I wish those same Turkish newspapers would make it clear to their readers that it was very unfortunate that they had jumped to conclusions. In the future, I hope that each incident in Europe related to Islamophobia and involving Turks will be highlighted in the Turkish media and strongly condemned by politicians in Turkey and abroad. But I also hope that incidents without any demonstrable link with racism or xenophobia are presented as they should. As tragic events that are a part of life that, be it reluctantly, we are obliged to accept.

Here the full article

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Uitmarkt - Amsterdam (annual cultural market)

One of the things I miss of Amsterdam is the annual Uitmarkt (Out Market) which heralds the cultural season of Amsterdam with open-air stages and free shows. Last Friday the 32nd edition started. Amsterdam's theatres open their doors to the public and provide free performances indoor and on some of the city's main squares (on the pictures the Dam Square). The idea is to give teasers of what's to come this winter. This year, again, the main stage is on Dam Square, where a variety of well known performers entertain the crowds. These free-of-charge performances range from mime, cabaret, opera, dance, movies, and literature, pop, jazz to classical music.

This year more than 500 shows are performed throughout weekend in the city center, in addition to numerous stalls providing all kinds of information on cultural life of the capital of the Netherlands. Although already the end of the summer, and often bad weather, last year the event attracted more than a half a million visitors. The city centre of Amsterdam is very compact so easy to stroll through the crowds and having a good time!

I especially loved the outdoor pop music concerts.

Just My Two Cents: Random Thoughts #4

Just My Two Cents: Random Thoughts #4

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A surfing dog! (click on picture to enlarge)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fortis Bank Turkey

I was closely involved regarding PR and advertisement with Fortis Bank Turkey in 2005, which had by then a liaison office only. Fortis bank was a Dutch/Belgium bank. And Fortis Turkey was focused on corporate clients, not consumer banking. Prior to their acquisition of Turkish Disbank in April 2005 I warned them of bad publicity when you do mass communication. When they announced the acquisition, a media frenzy was created; this was the major bank acquisition in Turkish history and Fortis paid 4.5 billion for this small Turkish bank. With the takeover my contacts vanished and I saw that Fortis made a ‘Turkish turn’: spend as much as you can on mass communication and everything will be alright. How wrong. The 30 million € ad and PR campaign didn’t bring the wanted results. And not that much later Fortis bank almost bankrupt. The Dutch part was bailed out and the Belgium part, Turkey is part of that, is going through difficult times. But it looks that they didn’t learn from their previous mistakes:
the Turkish ad for Fortis Bank, see above, which promotes their plastic surgery loans with a typical before and after picture of a young woman with the tagline, “You get the credit, another one pays for it” is tasteless.
This is in my opinion very irresponsible to target young women and tempt them with vanity. Plus, they are going to pay for it eventually, aren’t they?
The ad was created by ad agency Gram İstanbul, İstanbul, Turkey with photography by Murat Suyur.
Fortis didn't learn from their mistakes!


Next week my younger sister and my brother-in-law will visit Turkey for the first time. I'm probably not able to write a post or drop an EC.
Now the holidays are over, hope that our co bloggers of Greece will write more..)! Shall make a wake-up call to them.)!
There is an interesting discussion going on on a previous post about the Cultural Heritage of Turkey/Religion. Just enjoy and participate...

Did you know that (6)

*Sleep is good for you, right? Not anymore ... a recent study indicated that getting more than 6-7 hours of sleep per night significantly increases your risk of death.* [that']

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Mitilini, Lesvos, Greece

Friday, August 28, 2009

Segregation, discrimination, fraud etc. at Dutch Islamic schools in the Netherlands

The Dutch education system is unique in the world. See how it works here. Families can choose where their kids go to primary and elementary school and the government subsidies different types of schools – traditional (called independent non-religious, public), Montessori, Steiner, but also Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Hindu and Muslim. However, 86 percent of the Muslim schools have misused government funds. Some examples: Fake names on the payroll; entire schools taking trips abroad with school funds – trips to Mecca; school boards fired for incompetence etc. Just a few of the problems the government has found at Islamic Schools in the Netherlands. Also a recent report from the Dutch Ministry of Education says that half of the 42 Islamic primary schools in the Netherlands don't meet the minimum education standard. Everybody takes the same test at the end!

Now earlier this week an Islamic school, As Siddieg, which is believed to impede social integration as children of different religions are encouraged not to mingle will lose part of its funding from the government as it has not done enough to integrate its pupils into society. The school also failed to respect basic values of democracy.
As Siddieq, which runs three schools in Amsterdam's De Baarsjes, Noord and Zeeburg quarters, has been given until 1 March to introduce improvements or risk losing part of the government funding. And the Amsterdam city councilor Lodewijk Asscher, who is in charge of education, also withdrew the municipal subsidy to As Siddieq as he has lost confidence in the school board. Now the governing board of this Islamic school in Amsterdam is taking the local government to court over the loss of its funding, reports (the reduce funding to As-Siddieq school group is € 200.000, five percent of the Amsterdam school’s total subsidies of 4.5 million)! Now, these Orthodox Islamic schools treat Dutch teachers who are not Muslims as inferior beings. They have to have their meals separately and cannot be greeted in the same way as Muslims, says former teacher, Hennie Metsemakers of As Siddieq school in Amsterdam. She was suspended by the school a year and a half ago because she spoke of religions other than Islam in the lessons. "I had drawn a timeline and shown the most important events of a number of beliefs on it." Not only was that forbidden, but she was also ordered to teach the children that Christianity would be abolished in the end, all other religions would disapear and everybody will convert to Islam. Other teachers had already left the As Siddieq school due to the extremely orthodox attitude of its management. The board succeeded in imposing the orthodox signature on all staff members, even though half the team consists of non-Muslim teachers.
Non-Muslim teachers at As Siddieqschool and other schools are treated kindly, but not as full-value colleagues. Metsemakers had gone to work at the school full of integration ideals. "The leadership was attentive and nice, but turned out to have a hidden agenda. In the breaks, we had to eat separately. We were not allowed to be greeted in the same way as Muslim teachers, not with the word salaam, peace, because non-Muslims cannot know what peace is’ and the school wants to teach children that they are not allowed to be friends with non-believers. "Only Muslims can after all be good people."...good to know...

You can ask what for example Catholic schools are doing. I went in the late sixties and early seventies of the last century to a Catholic elementary and high school. I got one hour a week education in religion in general. That’s all. But no wonder that in 10 years time the Dutch educational system dropped from its 2nd position worldwide to the 9th place…

Just My Two Cents: The Reality Of Sarah Palin's Political Future

Just My Two Cents: The Reality Of Sarah Palin's Political Future

Dali and Disney

Together they made Destino.

Enjoy it

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