Friday, May 8, 2009

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Undermining the secular system of the kuffar...

Mohammed Faizel Ali bin Mohammed Racheed bin Mohammed Karamullah bin Mohammed Enait (...) is a Dutch ultra-orthodox Muslim lawyer and resident. Born in Syria (1975/76?) who likes the media.
Mohammed Enait came for the first time in the news when the Dutch city of Rotterdam refused to hire him as Client Manager for the department of Social affairs since he during the job interview made clear that he never would shake hands with women, potential clients. He asked the Commission Equal Treatment for their opinion, which supported him. With that advice he sued the city of Rotterdam in court that they refused to give him the job because of his religion but he lost the case. Good! Don't consider the Dutch legal system be represented by kuffar, you fool! We are humans.

Now has the Netherlands Bar Association disciplinary council issued a reprimand to him since he refuses to stand up for the judge. As an orthodox Muslim, he claims his faith does not allow him to stand up for a judge, because all people are equal under Islam.

However, the disciplinary council ruled that Mr Enait's behaviour was unacceptable, as was the headgear he wears in court. It also condemned his public criticism of a court verdict.

Following the reprimand, if Mr Enait refuses to stand for a judge in future the Bar Association will suspend him. However, he has previously said he has no intention of complying, and if necessary he is prepared to take his case to the European Court of Human Rights.

He claims he is being discriminated (..) against on the grounds of his religion. The matter first came to light last year, when a Rotterdam court issued a recommendation that although in principle everyone should stand up when a judge enters the court, an exception could be made on the basis of deep religious conviction. However, the Council for the Judiciary then ruled that such exceptions were not acceptable, as all lawyers should be prepared to demonstrate their respect for the rule of law.

So, more time, more energy, more money for a lunatic who misuse the Dutch legal system to undermine it.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Netherlands on Obama's favorite list...

Yep, Obama discovered the Netherlands and well on a way which is questionable; his staff thinks that the Netherlands is a tax-paradise comparable with the Bermuda. Yes, many foreign multi nationals have for (corporate) tax reasons their headquarters in Holland but income tax is substantial higher.
According January 2009 GAO report, they found that of the 100 largest U.S. corporations, 83 have subsidiaries in tax havens.
In the Cayman Islands, one address alone houses 18,857 corporations, very few of which have a physical presence in the islands.
Nearly one-third of all foreign profits reported by U.S. corporations in 2003 came from just three small, low-tax countries: Bermuda, the Netherlands, and Ireland.
And who dare to say that we Dutch created a socialistic regime...thank you G.W. Bush.
Here the full White House text. Have fun!

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Face Stairs from Istanbul

I came across an article about the 'Happy Face Chair' and I must say; these are fabolous in simplicity and will serve your but well! And if these chairs don’t put a smile on your face, then for sure you don’t have a sense of whimsy. The “Face” chairs is designed by Bora Çakılkaya, who has become reknown as the master of the furniture species represented and shown here in Istanbul in the 'wild'.

The designer is located here in Istanbul and is a partner in p-arch. Çakılkaya says the chairs are tamed and perfectly in harmony with their purpose to serve the human form. I bet you!

On the background the Maiden Tower. In the middle of the Bosphorus. Still haven't been there.

Source: Trendhunter

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

World Press Freedom Day - Freedom of Press Turkey

Today is World Press Freedom Day. It was established in 1993 by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993 to celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom. The theme this year is the safety of journalists and the threats they face in their work.

Facing harassment, threats of violence and physical retaliation, journalists across the world continue to dig out troubling facts, challenge the status quo and expose those who commit crimes. Day after day, journalists investigate and file reports on issues they know they could be sued or killed for. Many pay the price.
There is a wide variety of media outlets in the Turkey but it’s quite a dilemma; Turkey has a lively press and there is no overt censorship, but it remains a difficult environment for independent journalism especially because of art. 301 (here the latest) and 309.
For that reason, two months ago, The International Press Institute appealed to European Commission leaders to make press freedom a priority in ongoing membership talks with Turkey amid concern over verbal attacks on news organisations and continued legal hurdles to free expression in Turkey.

IPI and other organisations voiced concern, for example, about Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s public complaints about coverage of his government, and his appeals to supporters to stop buying newspapers that, as he told one rally, "stand by others rather than stand by the prime minister of the Turkish Republic".

According the IPI "The EU can play a central role in ensuring free expression and pluralistic media in candidate countries such as Turkey". And I believe that!

But there is still widespread concern about Turkish laws used to prosecute journalists, including above mentioned Article 301, which bans insults to the Turkish state. Although amended in 2008 to reduce the jail time from three years to one, the law "risks inciting attacks on journalists by questioning their loyalty". It has been used in the past to punish journalists and intellectuals who criticized government policies, including murdered newspaper editor Hrant Dink.
Article 301 remains a threat to freedom of expression in Turkey!

The European Commission’s 2008 progress report on Turkey cites Article 301, anti-terror statutes and other laws as potential infringements on free expression. A new U.S. State Department report on human rights in Turkey also notes that such laws can restrict press freedom.
Another dubious 'action' which limits freedom of press in Turkey is the unprecedented 380-million-euro fine for tax evasion imposed on the Dogan Media Group in February, Turkey’s largest media company and a frequent critic of the Erdogan government. Turkish authorities insist that the fine had nothing to do with Erdogan’s running feud over the company’s news coverage, but the timing of the fine (which came after months of criticism from the prime minister), and the potential crippling financial impact on the company raise questions.

In fact a pluralistic and divers media can play a vital role in assuring skeptical EU countries that Turkey qualifies for EU membership but Turkey still ranks 115 out of 166, far behind any other EU country!
Also a strong media in Turkey provide not only valuable information to a geographically large country, but a release valve for diverse opinions in a country with longstanding ethnic problems and a religious-secular divide.
IPS Communication Foundation, better known as BIANET, will be making the case for “Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech in Turkey on the Road to the EU” at a conference today and tomorrow (3-4 May) in Istanbul. At that time, BIANET’s quarterly report on free expression and press freedom in Turkey will be available in Turkey and English on BIANET’s website.
Turkey has still a long way to go!

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Statement #17

"We're are all angels. It is what we do with our wings, that separates us."

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Racists, anti-globalists, swine flu etc.

When the AIDS epidemic began officially in June 1981, it was widely considered exclusively a "gay disease." Now everyone should know that AIDS is a worldwide epidemic; and most AIDS cases are heterosexual, not homosexual. But homophobic and racist were and are not convinced. In the early years of the epidemic when the cause was unknown and when HIV was in the blood supply, hemophiliacs were decimated by AIDS. Hemophilia does not cause AIDS - and neither does homosexuality. AIDS is caused by a virus, not by a genetic defect or by a lifestyle.
Rascist believe that the AIDS epidemic originate from the black race in Africa.
Which is nonsense; the AIDS epidemic first broke out in Manhattan in 1979, not in Africa, where the epidemic did even not begin until the autumn of 1982. It broke out in Manhattan via the experimental hepatitis B vaccine programs that took place first in NYC in 1978, and continued in other cities until 1981.

During the Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak in China in the spring of 2003, the same racists and now also conspiracy theorists and other nutheads had different opinions about this flu; SARS virus could be a biological weapon manufactured by the United States, who perceived China's rise as a potential threat to its dominance and superiority in the world, and the ‘yellow race’ was inferior according these racists. Later, some of these Chinese conspiracy theorists admits that these allegations were only speculations, and that there was not any concrete proof from the study of the virus's genetic sequence.

Now, with the outbreak of the swine flu, the same racists, conspiracy theorists and white supremacists (all mainly in the USA) see the disease as result of a disastreus immigration. And the antigovernment conspiracy theorists note ominously that “this Monday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stoked the fear of a global flu pandemic. He said the Mexican flu outbreak is the ‘first test’ of the “pandemic preparedness work undertaken by the international community over the past three years.”“Ki-moon, the United Nations, and the globalists, with the participation of the globalist-dominated corporate (Zionists) media and the ruling elite in Mexico, are hyping the flu outbreak as a possible pandemic in order to sell us their scheme for world government. (read more here)

Isn’t it sad that every time when a virus is discovered these racists and conspiracy theorists try to take advantage of it for the solely purpose; ‘using it for their own agenda’…

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Update - new blogs added

Three other blogs are added to Internations blogroll:

Jim’s Caledonian Comment which first appeared as a live daily slot on the award winning Les Ross Breakfast Show on BRMB Radio, Birmingham, UK.

During the 1980’s and 1990’s, the feature grew in terms of both its popularity and its notoriety, with cutting satire and withering abuse aimed at as many deserving victims as possible.

After years of self-imposed exile and quiet retreat while he waited for a male menopause that never happened, Caledonian Jim has now returned, refreshed and as acid as ever, to enrich your internet experience with cynical world-weary observations designed to prick the baloons of the pompous, the banal politicians, the jobsworths, the incompetent and the politically correct idiots who seem to inhabit positions of authority everywhere with ever-increasing, depressing regularity and cause us all grief. In addition, the Credit Crunch across the world has highlighted what many of us already knew : the bankers, financiers and speculators who control our lives are greedy, incompetent, arrogant, criminal and cowardly.

The second one is of a Dutch Journalist, Frederike, who writes for a dozen Dutch and international newspapers. She has a very original view on what’s going on in Turkey. Her weblog is called Journalist in Turkey.

And the third and last one is the Exaggerator, best describes as a blog which is ‘ Conveniently located @ the junction of Hilarity and Snarkyness," ‘rather snarky and silly look @ the state of the world and whatever crosses Your Correspondent's mind. (In fact, there have been some who have seen this weblog and have come out laughing rather hysterically @ what he post--an online variant on the Argentine radio show Loony Radio, as it were; the show originates from an insane asylum just outside Buenos Aires, and its off-the-wall, sometimes hysterical, rants by its inmate participants have made it a cult hit.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine flu...

...where it all started...
Lot of panicking these days, but the season related regular flu cost between 250.000 and 500.000 lives, yearly!

Interım report blames Turkish pilots for plane crash

Interim report blames pilots for Schiphol crash on February 25 in Amsterdam.

The Dutch Safety Board has produced an interim report on the crash near Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport on 25 February in which nine people died. It concludes that the Turkish pilots of the Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 failed to respond correctly to signals indicating there were problems with the altimeter.
Well before landing, there were warnings that the plane was descending too rapidly. The plane then accelerated, gaining height, but soon slowed down again soon afterwards. It is being presumed that the pilots manually accelerated after receiving the warning, but allowed the automatic pilot to take over flying the plane again too soon afterwards.

The Turkisk Airline Pilots association denied soon after the accident any faults made by the pilots and blamed all kind of external factors for the crash. This toroughfully created interim report comes to another conclusion. Now it's waiting upon the first conspiracy theory in this case 'against Turkish airlines'.

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