Friday, July 4, 2008

Oups! They did it again...

The stone plaque you see is placed by the Skopjan authorities in front of the entrance to the building of the government of FYROM.

The plate, according to official information, has been found in the region Valantovo. The same officials say that they have found it in the "Macedonian" land; it is of Great Alexander's era and is an undoubtful fact that "justifies" their claims upon greek history and "proves" their "Macedonian" heritage...

That is totally fine with me! I believe they have found it within their national territory; but if you see more carefully, the plate is written in greek!

The Skopjan authorities - with no doubt, including Nikola Gruevski and Antonio Milososki, need a translator in order to read what it says! But for greeks... is just so easy!

What about "Macedonian" language then?

I feel like the author of the original post says that there is no need to use any other argument to support the greek point of view!

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Orient Expressions - Beats of Pera

The three monkey's

When F. Nietzsche was writing, he once asked him self: 'what are people feeling when they see them selves in the mirror?" "Do they feel unappropriated or do they start laughing?"
There is an old Japanese story about the three monkey's. One didn't want to speak bad, the other didn't want to see good and the third didn't want to hear bad things.
If you replace them with the 'sincere intentions' of the current Turkish political leaders, it must be easy for you to place them where they belong...we don't hear, don't see and never talk....

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The 4th of July in the USA.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

How true - Turkey face a double investigation

But which one is solid and based upon facts instead of rumours and gossip.
Definitely, the Turkish press in general act like loose canons. Everybody want to have a piece of the cake. It doesn't matter what and who said what, it matters who said 'that' first.

But here an exception: Cengiz Akdar his 'Waking up Ergenekon':

"Circles who invited everyone to have respect for the judicial process in the closure case raised hell the other day in the face of the Ergenekon arrests."
Of course there some things we should be surprised about. For instance, circles who invited everyone to have respect for the judicial process in the closure case raised hell the other day during the Ergenekon arrests and made accusations that Turkey has become a “police state” or a “fear empire.” But these same groups regarded the closure case as the judiciaries business and did not even say a word against it, although the case is not in line at all with “democratic norms” of the international community or the European Union which Turkey wants to be integrated with.Weren't these arrests a result of “independent jurisdiction?”A Republican People's Party, or CHP, official reacted against the arrests and said the arrested are prestigious and well-known people in society since they are retired top generals.Leaders behind the Sept. 12 military coup were all generals. The symbol of the Feb. 28 “post-modern coup” was again a general. That is to say being a general, being a well-known public figure or being respected by some does not keep a person from committing a “crime against democracy.”Besides, being a “law state” or “rule of law” being in force means not legitimizing everything some people do."

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Istanbul traffic jams and how to avoid it...

There is an interesting site about Istanbul traffic, their jams and mess...

Just click here to see real time life the traffic density.

Or click here to choose a location with life camera's.

General: the web site in English just click hereeeeeeee

Is this fun or not?

New FIFA world ranking list

1 Spain
2 Italy
3 Germany
4 Brazil
5 Netherlands
6 Argentina
7 Croatia
8 Czech Republic
9 Portugal
10 France
11 Russia
12 Romania
13 Cameroon
14 Turkey
15 England
16 Scotland
17 Bulgaria
18 Greece
19 Mexico
20 Ghana
21 Israel
22 Uruguay
23 Colombia
24 Egypt
25 Paraguay

Note: Click on countries names for ranking over the last 14 years.

Hagia Sophia, I simple don't get it....

I simple don't understand the request made by the Turkish Association of Continuous Service for Foundations, Historical Artifacts and Environment (what a name) demanding the cancellation of the council's 1934 decision to turn the Hagia Sofia Mosque into a museum. The association had applied to the Prime Ministry before with the same demand, asking for Hagia Sofia to be opened for worship for Muslims without damaging its museum quality if the interests of the country required...
The Hagia Sophia is the Holy church of all Eastern Christian churches including the Greek Catholic church.
How can this 'association' demand to open it for Muslims to worship without damaging its 'museum' quality?
This bizarre tradition and habit by some Muslim groups to turn each and every church into a mosque is not only bizarre for a faith which usurps to be the most tolerant religion but also shows no respect for historical artifacts. The association which required to turn it back into a mosque doesn't know what Historical artifacts means?
The demand was turned down by the Council of State.

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Discover the world of Miro.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tobacco banned, not marijuana

You can still light up a cigarette in a Dutch cafe after July 1, but only if you're smoking marijuana, not tobacco.
New indoor-smoking ban allows customers to smoke inside marijuana "coffee shops" as long as the joint is pure cannabis. But cutting joints with tobacco will be illegal. Just in case you didn't know...

This is Asia

As a wrack I left the airplane yesterday. The eight hour waiting at Bahrain Airport didn't give me any extra rest after already a whole day of traveling. But it was all forgiven when I finally arrived in Kathmandu. Pitch black it was, warm and humid but also filled with smells and sounds unknown in the Western world. The airport is still basic, not as high-tech as Schiphol Airport. A lot of guys with big guns, something not (visible) present at Schiphol.

At the escalators a line formed; a man pushed his stuff on the stairs, but didn't follow. For two minutes he stood there, hesitating when to step on the moving stairs. The line waited with patience. Once on the stairs, the guy was counting when to get off. His friend down the escalator embraced him with a clap on the shoulder and a big smile.

After the visa/passport check the crown moved to another stair. It seemed to me that I had to go through a ricked gate to get to the luggage. When I looked back, I saw the crowd turning around with a bit of confusement and finally follow the same way I did. Boxes, blankets, whole televisions passed before I found my bag. At the end of the airport a pickup service was waiting for me. In an old jeep we drove through small alleys, stopping suddenly because there was a calf on the road. Carefully the driver got round the animal to continue its way over bumpy lanes.

With a friendly "Namaste" and a cup of tea I was welcomed in the hotel. A shy guy brought me to my room. A basic one, but with everything in it.

This morning I woke up with the noise of fighting parrots (at least, I think so). I love being in Asia again!

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Skyine of Manila, the Philippines.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Boycott the Dutch...

A coalition of Jordanian media outlets, professional societies and political parties filed a lawsuit against Dutch Member of Parliament Geert Wilders for releasing a short anti-Islam film on the internet in March. “Amman Public Prosecutor Hassan Abdullah has launched an investigation into offences directed by Wilders against the Prophet Mohammed, Islam and Muslims,” Zakaria al-Sheikh, who leads the “The Messenger Unites Us” campaign, told a press conference.
At the same time a campaign was launched in Jordan to boycott Dutch and Danish products over the film and caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed published in Danish newspapers.
In an interview with a Dutch newspaper Zakaria told that the goal of his campaign is to make 'insulting Islam' illegal by law. It must be on the same line as the denial of the Holocaust.
Our dear bigot didn't say anything about 'death wishes' against Jews and the systematical news terror against Jews in his tribal country and other Middle East countries.
In 10 years the oil fields there are dwelled up, lets talk then about a boycott against countries which are build upon hate against other religions...

Day Opening - July 1

Palm Trees on Martinique. Paul Gauguin.

Monday, June 30, 2008



WK 2010 Turkey's group matches

Armenia - Turkey

Turkey - Belgium

Turkey - Bosnia-Herzegovina

Estonia - Turkey

Spain - Turkey

Turkey - Spain

Turkey - Estonia

Bosnia-Herzegovina - Turkey


Belgium - Turkey

Turkey - Armenia

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Spain Euro Champion without loosing one game

Torres just made 1 - 0 against Germany!

Why the Dutch love the Spanish and vice versa ..

Dutch National Anthem;

The Dutch text of the first stanza

Wilhelmus van Nassau
ben ik van duitschen bloed.
De vaderland getrouwe
ben ik tot in de doed.
Een prinschen van Oranje
ben ik vrij onverveerd
de koning van Hispanje
heb ik altijd geëerd.

The English translation:

William of Nassau, scion
Of a Dutch (Deutsche) and ancient line,
Dedicate undying
Faith to this land of mine.
A prince I am, undaunted,
Of Orange, ever free,
To the king of Spain I've granted
A lifelong loyalty.

Spain - Germany?

My prediction: 2-1, as I hope so.
What I expect? A boring match.
What I hope? 6- 5 for Spain, and that all their goals must be made in the the last 25 minutes: with the ritme of each five minutes one goal: 65 min. GOAL, 70 min. GOAL, 75 min. GOAL, 80 min. GOAL, 85 min. GOAL and 90 min. own goal by Lahm GOAL for Spain...))
Germans likes everything precise and on time, so beat them with that!

Spain won!!!!!! Ole Olanda..)) This promise some hot Dutch Spanish parties. Keep you updated...