Saturday, January 22, 2011

Uttarayan- The festival of kites

January 14 and 15 are the days of Uttarayan and Vasi Uttarayan respectively. This festival is huge in Gujarat. I got together with a friend and arranged a big get-together, met old friends after almost five years, in some cases, almost eight!

Sharing with you some photos.

We had to be very careful to not cut kites from our own group by mistake.

Only a few take up "serious" kite-flying. For the rest, it's talk talk talk.

And chill out. And eat eat eat.

This kiddo got pretty bored by the end of the day


That's India for you.

In trance on a busy street in Buenos Aires - beauty of Life!

Two greek: "δυο μικροι αγγελοι"

dancing the tango on Tis Nefelis, by Haris Alexiou :)

Day Opening - January 28

Villiage of Atwarghah, western Indian state of Gujarat


What you seed is what you get...