Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why the Muslim Brotherhood Matters to You

Claire Berlinski wrote last week some excellent articles about the Muslem Brotherhood. Here is one and on the end (if you click on continue reading you get the full article) you will find a video clip. Especially for women! Just curious what they think about That!
Why the Muslim Brotherhood Matters to You
By: Claire Berlinski

I've proposed here that I believe Americans' lack of familiarity with the Muslim Brotherhood, its aims and its reach is a national security emergency. Without understanding exactly what the Brotherhood is and which figures and groups are associated with it, American citizens can't properly read between the lines of many significant news stories. They can't recognize what certain events--bland perhaps on the surface--signify, and cannot properly appreciate the ramifications of what are now major debates in US foreign policy, such as whether the Muslim Brotherhood should be "engaged" in Syria, or "brought into the political process" in Egypt.

They don't grasp what it means that groups associated with the Brotherhood in Europe and America have come to define the parameters of the West's debate about its relationship with Islam, that Brotherhood groups advise the White House and the media about "What Muslims think" and what we in turn must think of Muslims, while Muslims of diametrically different views--who are horrified by the Muslim Brotherhood--have been marginalized from this debate to the point that many doubt their very existence.
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