KLM starts flying on used cooking oil

Beginning in September, KLM flights between Amsterdam and Paris will run on used cooking oil. (Not of McDonalds but of Dutch Febo) The move is an important new step towards aviation sustainability, the airline announced Wednesday.

“KLM has again shown it is stimulating the development of biokerosene,” said Managing Director Camiel Eurlings. “The route to 100 per cent sustainable energy is enormously challenging. We  need to move forward together to attain continuous access to sustainable fuel.”

More than 200 KLM flights will operate on biokerosene, a biofuel derived from used frying oil and tested to meet the same technical specifications as traditional kerosene.

The move is part of the airline's efforts to secure a positive recommendation from the Dutch Sustainability Board. It is also an expression of support for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) research suggesting alternative fuels from biomass are the only replacement for fossil fuels used in the airline industry.


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