Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Late for this guy

Is it Tuesday after lunch yet?

What the hell happened to the world while I went on that binge, and what the hell was I drinking, smoking, snorting, injecting, and ingesting that would lead to civil unrest in Madison, Wisconsin? Is Moammar going to send troops to help the public employees battle the new Reaganism? Why do Republicans always try to present themselves as such benign assholes? Why is this guy blue, daddy? Why can't we have an endless party system?

So it looks like the world is going for its hand instead of a jack bastard, or some other equally Babelfished inebriation of communication.

If the past several weeks since Wikileaks incited a couple of halfway literate detergents to rouse the rabble and whip them to frothy peaks of idealism have confounded the aged leadership, the liberal bimbos, and the corporate media to put their hands in their shorts and scratch their heads, that's good for the rest of us.

The revolution passed them by. Let them die. Not that they deserve the comfort of the piss that passeth for understanding and all.

There will come a time when you can take your clothes off when you dance.

From out there on that stuff,
The Good Doctor Faustroll

BTW, you won't believe where I had to stick my fist to recover my gmail password.


Unknown said...

A bing Dr.? I though you were on an extended holiday in Iran...
So it were not the Ayatollah's who kept us waiting.)

Doctor Faustroll said...

Not a Bing. I find Microsoft repugnant. A binge! A perfect Faustrollian celebration of bacanallian debauchery in which intoxification overcomes the poisoning influence of water, which is the most despicable substance on the planet, used as it is for washing pig shit off shoes and flushing feces into the filthy source of itself.

I am still suffering in the nation of miserable fucks where the Ayatollah Assholers of the new teabagger insurgency, well-armed and primed to lead the zombie apocalypse, are convinced there is a God and It gives them the right to ONE PARTY RULE. While the rest of the world is refuting that horseshit, Amerika embraces it.

Thank God there are no sober intelligent people left in America. Otherwise the suicides would be impossible to clean from the streets and our fragile economy would collapse, particularly in these union-busting times. You know those Governor Hiram Walker is too busy buying drinks for his buddies to do any heavy lifting.

The Word Verification for this comment is porsa which may be Shakespearian in origin or refer to a European automobile manufacturer or have something to do with dieting. I haven't a clue.

Do you?

Unknown said...

@DR. Nope, not a clue..)

((Thank God there are no sober intelligent people left in America)).

Thank God, we can export Heineken and Amstel to the USJ. We the Dutch need the tax money from people like you.)!