Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Dip 2011

After a short night’s sleep and a little too much alcohol, hundreds, maybe even thousands of diehards will be stripping off on beaches up and down in the Netherlands to take to the freezing cold waters for the first time in 2011. Fourteen out of the 90 official New Year’s Dips have been cancelled because of the icy conditions, but the main event in Scheveningen, sponsored by UNOX, will be going ahead.

The 80-year-old Ok van Batenburg organised the first dip on Zandvoort beach in 1960. Back then his family doctor warned him the human body could not take such a shock to the system. Just to make sure he practised on Boxing Day 1959. The worst year so far was 1963. It was minus ten degrees Celcius and they only got as far as their knees before withdrawing. His tip for this year is “Make sure you wear clothes you can get in and out of quickly.”
On the picture, Lucia Prins, UNOX Babe 2010. Tomorrow we will know who the UNOX babe 2011 is.))
source: rwn

Dutch politician writes anti-Islam book

Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders will publish an anti-Islam book in the first half of 2011, he told  in an interview today.

“The book is aimed mainly at the US market and focuses on how to combat the spread of Islam on a global level. We can do a lot here in the Netherlands, but we want to send out a strong international signal to the Arab world that a party in the centre of power in this country is fighting back,” Mr Wilders said.
His Freedom Party cherishes “a wide range” of ambitions, he says in the interview. “Our first priority is to launch the International Freedom Alliance, which boils down to a platform against Islam. That will be huge.”
The book will be Mr Wilders’ second, after the publication in 2005 of a short autobiography, titled Kies voor vrijheid (Choose for Freedom).
Curious what the reactions will be...

Day Opening - Deecember 31 - the last one of this year

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