Thursday, December 23, 2010

Political Islam in a nutshell

When something goes wrong in a Muslim society, Islam is not properly applied and the conclusion is always that pure Islam must be followed. Once something is an Islamic rule, the street ad signs disappear, the women veiled, the alcohol is eliminated and the mullahs get free rein. When this doesn’t helps, then another round of even greater purity is used. The inevitability of political Islam is reinforced by two ideas, victory and martyrdom. (...) Islam will therefore always prevail. And since martyrdom is the highest possible for a believer, each defeat became automatically victory. Thus, poverty becomes wealth, backwardness becomes science, and justice becomes discrimination, cruelty compassion, and understanding ultimately madness. These ideas are espoused by many millions, and got an extra boost by bin Laden. See therefore: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan, Hamas Gaza etc. If political Islam gets the upperhand, indeed, be prepared for the real holocaust.

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