Friday, December 17, 2010

Welcome Back To Me

After a long long time, I have decided to say Hello! again to Internation readers. I am busy lately being pregnant. My due date is 25th of March. I still have time to write some things I guess.

I have a bad habit. I start a job with enthusiasm and I could not continue it like I started. It is a discipline problem and I need some advice from you too. The nice thing is I do not put aside and give it up. I return back again and again which is for some people is total torture. So, please accept this short note as a welcome back to me and I will write you again about the economic crises in Greece and how people affected by.

Have a great weekend...

Why are the Dutch so happy?

On a lighter note, the Dutch are the “happiest people in the world”,
Scoring consistently high in international feel-good surveys. Their secret apparently lies in their ubiquitous use of bikes. According to research, cycling makes you feel independent and free, and is also nice and cheap. Cyclists experience less stress than, for example, motorists or people using public transport. And we don’t even mention the other health gains made by using the bike. However, the true key to Dutch happiness is maybe something else. People in the Netherlands, are on average the richest people in the European Union. Well, not as rich as people in Luxembourg, but it’s too small a country to count!

Day Opening - December 17

Dunnottar castle, Scotland