Friday, December 10, 2010



by Naomi Shemer

The mountain air is clear as water

The scent of pines around

Is carried on the breeze of twilight,

And tinkling bells resound.

The trees and stones there softly slumber,

A dream enfolds them all.

So solitary lies the city,

And at its heart -- a wall.

Oh, Jerusalem of gold, and of light and of


I am the lute for all your songs.

Hippies (3)


Like, hippies reproduced constantly, any place, any time, any one, man. For ugly people, it was an amazing time. The courting process was very simple; one only had to say, "come on baby, light my fire" and you were goin'. However, for that extra advantage, hippies often refrained from showering for years at a time, which created a distinct body odor that tended to attract female hippies intent on producing mini hippie babies. Some lady hippies have said (those capable of coherent speech, of course) that the smell somewhat resembles the smell of the inside of a sweaty Volkswagen van, and is therefore impossible to resist. Like, other hippies say that the intoxicating mix of human stench, pot smoke, and a ritualistically applied patchouli oil creates a natural hippie pheromone that's like cosmic moonbeams and sunshine rainbows... you know what I mean, dude, man...? The complete and total free love, man, had several setbacks that ultimately caused the total downfall of hippies in the '80s, AIDS and you. Both diseases slowly but surely killed off thousands of hippies in the '80s, and remains a major cause as to why you are so messed up. Just look at the couple above and their disastrous influence on the world of today...peace, man!

Day Opening - December 10

Sunset lavender, Somerset, the UK