Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hippies (#1)

Earth tranny
Like, hippies (homo groovius) are a semisentient subspecies of humanity that first evolved in the 1960s and are now mostly extinct, man. The result of experimental drug testing on just about everything, hippies like, transformed the face of the United States and Great Britain and certain parts of Australia too, man. The hippie race was distinguished by their outtasite vibes, psychedelic drugs, interesting odors, radically long hair, and above all, the tendency to "fight the power." Hippies were extremely active in both politics and sex, and often confused the two. In fact, liberal tendencies and fornication are now thought of as the reason for overpopulation in the world today. But that's cool, man!
Brotha, black hippies are a subspecies of the hippie subspecies, making them a subsubspecies, you dig? Black hippies differ from conventional hippies in that they got style. Black hippies were noticeably blacker, wore more bling, and were more likely to not work for the man every night and day like other white fool hippies. Black hippies were always angrier than other hippies because of their righteous enragement at their lack of rights, man. Most black hippies also belonged to a secret society like the Black Panthers or the Nation of Islam. Fo' shizzle. (to be continued) *source: later

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Fontain, Seattle by Anton Treskunov