Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hello World!

Yes, for the kind of geographically and culturally diverse readership this blog commands, perhaps this salutation isn’t hyperbolic. It feels great being able to write here…

My blog Life Rules has been a loyal witness of my academic, professional and personal graph from 2006 till now. Now, writing at Internation Musings seems a good way to journey ahead in my virtual and real worlds.

You, dear readers, have an important role to play to make this journey fruitful. Writing isn’t a solitary activity and thrives on feedback. So I look forward to hearing your opinions about topics discussed.

That brings me to what I intend to write about. I am from India and I believe articles about my country, people, culture and society would be a good start. However, my aim is neither to glorify our heritage, nor to disparage our shortcomings even though my articles are likely to be of either nature based on my personal experience and response to current happenings.

To begin with, some articles may be repeated from my other blogs. In the time to come, however, I intend to write articles specific for Internation Musings, assuming that a readership outside India may need a lot more background than that provided in articles on Life Rules and Short and Sweet.

Views expressed here are my own. Similarly, I may not agree with all the views expressed by fellow bloggers here on Internation Musings. Most importantly, I maintain my right to modify my takes in the time to come. For he is stubborn who resists acknowledging different viewpoints, no? :)

Looking forward to fruitful interactions on this forum,


Gauri Gharpure

PS: Today we are celebrating an important Hindu festival called Dasara / Dussera / Vijaya Dashami in India... So, it seems my first post on this blog lands on an auspicious day! :)