Monday, October 11, 2010

Turkish national soccer coach not impressed by the Dutch team

Dutch coach Hiddink of the Turkish national team (behind him the Bosphorus)
Veteran Dutch coach Guus Hiddink has added his voice to the barrage of criticism that has engulfed the Holland team for its aggressive play at this year’s World Cup in South Africa. That was not “the Dutch way” he told the domestic press.
“The type of football Holland played at the World Cup will soon be forgotten. The only thing people will remember of the final is Nigel de Jong’s kung-fu foul - that's a crying shame.”
''In 1974 and 1998, Holland inspired the world. As regards the latter period, I may not be completely impartial, but both teams stood for something”, adds Hiddink, who managed the Dutch team from 1995 until 1998. In that year, he led Holland to the World Cup semi-final, where it was defeated at the hands of Brazil on penalties. Throughout the tournament, Holland played some of the more entertaining football. But that playing style has now been replaced by a more result-driven, business-like approach, Hiddink says.
“A business-like performance should be left to the business world. I love beautiful football; the type of football that made the orange squad great and brought it fame across the world.”
63-year-old Hiddink is currently manager of the Turkish national football team, which will be playing Holland in a friendly next month. I cannot wait for that match!!!.)

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