Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Animal police in the Netherlands

Proposals for 500 animal cops under the proposed new government in the Netherlands have received a lukewarm response from the animal protection agency, inspectors and the regular police. The police said that they are perfectly able to deal with the current number of reports animal cruelty.
The police fear that the new brigade to enforce stricter animal protection laws will mean cuts elsewhere in the force. The “animal cops” will be given vehicles, pepper spray, and search warrants. A special telephone line will be opened to take reports of animal abuse. The Animal Protection Agency says it would prefer to see the extra money being spent on prevention and after care.
Every year, 40,000 people report animal abuse, but only a quarter of the reports are considered serious enough to take action. The worst cases eventually land on the desk of the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. Only half of the 2000 cases they deal with every year are actually investigated.
An inspector said, who investigates cases of animal cruelty, “You can go to prison for two years or receive a fine of 150,000 euros.” But usually abusers get off with a couple of hundred euros. She would like to see judges pass harsher sentences. Apparently it is just a question of priorities.

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