Friday, September 10, 2010

Wilders or Wilders, what to choose???

The outcome of the latest national election has put the Dutch politics and the society in a difficult position. Especially for those who are able to think. The political and social landscape has never been divided as these days. People who are not a fan of the right-wing political movement called PVV (Freedom Party) of the dillusional, mayonaise-coloured wig carrying member of parliament, Geert Wilders has got all conservative political parties by the balls. The party has gained 24 seats in Dutch parliament, and has become the third largest party. Therefore, the party (actually, the leader of the pack of right extremist, islamophobic fools), is in the luxurious position to control the process of formating a new cabinet. After almost 3 months of investigating possibilities and negotiating about an agreement, the situation has worsened since the Christian Democrats, one of the three potential coalition partners, pulled out the plug a week ago. The game has to start all over again.

I'm worried.

I'm worried, because in the end one way or the other, the populist Freedom Party will step on the smoking remains of the institution called serious politics and will become a disgrace for The Netherlands. In my opinion we now can only choose between two bad options. One is to opt for a left oriented cabinet, which will be able to blow a fresh wind through the country, to set the record straight politically, economically, socially and in many more areas. Therefore the PVV is forced back into the opposition again. The disadvantage of this scenario is that the party will be able to continue its fear spreading, stigmatising ideas about the islamic population, happily encouraging extremism, so it can blame the scapegoat even more... And, if all goes 'well', after four years, the PVV will celebrate a glorious victory at the next elections and the goal to become the voice of the mass will be achieved.
The second bad option is to let the PVV form a coalition with whatever political party on the right side of the political spectrum (the Liberal Party is available for cooperation) and have them govern the country. This can either result in a stable government, which would be not bad... or it will fall apart after a few months, because of a lack of suitable people for the job and those jokers who make it as an excellence will only hunger for power (just like we saw in 2002 with the LPF of the assasinated Pim Fortuyn). After those months, the PVV will have proven that they can not be taken seriously and they will vanish off the political map faster than they set foot in Parliament.
Again this is a choice between two evils.
Personnally I would prefer the second option. In the very near future it would be bad for the country, but on the long run society would be released of this bunch of nut cases, calling themselves politicians, lead by a demagogue.

All options are open, maybe there will be a government formed of left winged parties, but in all cases I am embarrased for the 1.5 million people that put their vote on a non-democratic party, that has only one aim; to attract the attention for spreading fear among those who can't think for themselves.

Too bad those people don't (or plainly can't) read columns like this...

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