Friday, September 3, 2010

Getting away with a speeding ticket

Dutch speeding motorists have found a ruse to get out of paying successive fines. They just ask for the paperwork to slow down the procedure. If they can find any inconsistencies, they even get away without paying.
Requests for information under the Openness of Government Act by speeding motorists have doubled in the last three years. The trick is discussed on internet forums. The Dutch police have to prove they are qualified to use speed guns, provide photographs and even provide proof that their own vehicles have an MOT. “All this takes around 45 minutes per fine. That is going too far,” says a police spokesperson.
Around 70 percent of the requests are only made to make things more difficult for the police. Speeding motorists hope to find some fault in the procedure to get off paying their fines. Apparently with success, one persistent speeder, who only wanted to give his first name, even got 1,260 euros compensation when the police were too slow to respond.
Yes, the Netherlands is nicely over-organised.)!

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