Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tired of the salon socialist and the Islamists in Turkey

This was a long and hot and humid summer and it looks like the heat will continue the next days. Too bad for the people who are fasting but next year will be worse as Ramadan starts on the 1th of August. Not only is my body working on a lower speed level so are my brains. A couple of weeks ago I met with Okan K., a Turkish filmmaker and Claire Berlinski, an American writer and journalist, both living in Istanbul. We met since we all disagree with the current policies of the Erdogan dominated government and the upcoming referendum on the 12th o September. In our opinion; a big fraud. We agreed that I will take the lead and write a column in Dutch so that it later can be translated into English, Turkish and German. We support the NO vote. My first assessment was that it would take me not more than 1 week to write that column. Wrong, 6 weeks are passed. And I am not ready yet. I was almost ready last Thursday when I deleted it by accident. Hope to finalize my previous article this long weekend – Monday is a national holiday here.

In the meantime, the fight between the salon socialists (CHP) and the Islamists (AKP) carries on. Nobody knows what and nobody knows the details of the referendum. But we know now finally some facts. Hope to inform you this week that the article is published in several newspapers in Europe and of course: Turkey.

Day Opening - August 28

Prague, the Old Town and Cathedral.