Friday, August 13, 2010

Statement #42

Because Allah doesn’t make any covenant, he isn’t going to change you. Allah will not change the condition of the people until they change it themselves with their own souls. It is a self effort. It has nothing to do with Allah. Allah doesn’t change a man. He would not touch anybody. He is not the God of the Christian faith who will seek the lost.
If you deny the work of the Holy Spirit and if you deny that aspect of the faith and you will rely that it is a self help program, you see, that is denying the whole of Biblical theology.
Who converts you? Faith is the gift of God. It is not of you. We were children of wrath, therefore depravity of man cannot be ignored. The work of the Holy Spirit cannot be overlooked, must not be ignored. Otherwise, there is no difference between Islam and the Christian faith that people claim to have.

A former Sharia jurist on Islam and Christianity

Day Opening - August 13

Golden Mount Athos, Greece.