Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The James Bonds of the Netherlands in action.

The Netherlands’ General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) – which focuses mostly on domestic non-military threats to Dutch national security – ran a website for Muslim extremists for close to six months, in a bid to track radical Muslims. The site was a success but had to be closed down a short time ago, when it was discovered that visitors to it were making plans to hack other websites.
The fake site was set up by an IT specialist, who also proposed its construction to the AIVD. A few months after it began, the site boasted 150 active members. Subjects discussed by members included: How can we stay clear of the security services? How can we communicate safely? How fast can we kill our server if we need to?
Things began to go wrong when the site became a breeding ground for ‘The Jihad Hacking Battalion’, which was making plans to crash websites all over the world. When this was discovered, the AIVD decided to fold it up.
This is not the first such example of a fake ‘meeting place’. In the early 1970s the BVD, the AIVD’s predecessor, set up a fake communist party to gain an insight into radical communists in the Netherlands. The party was so successful it even fooled China, which gave it financial support. So beware of the Dutch, especially the Mata Hari's...

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