Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dutch Twitter criminal convicted

The first person in the Netherlands to be convicted of Twitter crime has been sentenced to 100 hours’ community service. After the World Cup semi-final against Uruguay, the 18-year-old in question sent out an appeal on Twitter for people to head en masse for a square in The Hague which has become notorious for post-football match rioting. “Gas the plainclothes police,” he tweeted.

“In the context of earlier disturbances, this was an invitation to come and riot on the square,” the judge concluded. However, it seems the public prosecutor still has to get used to dealing with crime in the social networking age. The letters “RT, RT, RT” in one of the messages was intended to represent the sound of gunshots, the prosecutor claimed. Until someone pointed out it’s the abbreviation for “retweet”.
Maybe the district attorney's has to go social media...

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