Thursday, July 1, 2010

Black boxes in operation rooms?

What about introducing a black box into operation rooms at hospitals? Everything a surgeon says and does would be registered as would the condition of the patient. If things went wrong, you would be able to find out exactly what happened. The idea has been introduced in a hospital in the southern Dutch city of Breda. It has been welcomed by the Dutch Health Inspectorate and other hospitals are interested too.
A staggering 1750 patients die unnecessarily in hospitals every year. A doctor explains "By discussing operations and births that go wrong, the number of deaths can be reduced."
The inspectorate agrees a black box would be a "useful aid" to improve team performance. But it warns that it should only be used for this purpose and not to investigate cases afterwards. Otherwise doctors might refuse to cooperate for fears that their work would end up on YouTube.
Interestingly the surname of the journalist who wrote the report happens to be Docter. Coincidence, I guess. Or is Big Brother watching you?

Predator set free for unscrupulous hunting

Women trafficker Saban Baran has been released on bail by the Turkish court in Antalya.

Baran was arrested last February in the southern Turkish resort on suspicion of mistreatment and extortion of his old partner Bekir I.
Turkish Prosecutor demands a possible prison sentence of seven to fifteen years due to Baran's mistreatment and extortion.

The Turkish judge put the, in The Netherlands convicted trafficker, at liberty, after an amount of 16,000 euros was paid. Baran can not leave Turkey and must report every fifteen days. The lawsuit against him continues on October 12.

Baran is being suspected in The Netherlands, together with five others, of unscrupulous trade of women. He was therefore sentenced to 7.5 years in prison. The trafficker fled to Turkey last September when the court in Arnhem temporaily suspended his custody so he could see his newborn baby.
The appeal against Baran and the five other defendants in the so-called research Snap begins October 1 with the hearing of all present suspects. The court is expected to hear the public prosecutor's demands on November 19.

Meanwhile, protests from several European Ministers of Justice are heard, in order to warn Turkey not to take these kinds of decisions.

In my humble opinion, I wonder what the judicial representative must have been thinking. Doesn't he have a daughter who goes to clubs, ran by dangerous criminals like Baran, risking deportation to other countries and being abused in order to make money for Baran??? Come on, judge, wake up, if you go on like this, Turkey will become infamous for housing ruthless predators. Which is worse: bomb threats in touristic areas or men abducting innocent girls and women? What must've gone through the judges mind when he hit his hammer on the desk, in the middle of the tourist season.

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