Monday, June 7, 2010

Eight Years ago

Today, exactly 8 years ago I was attending the 72th birthday party of my uncle in the Netherlands and I was residing in Miami, the USA. A couple of days later I went for a business trip to Turkey and met Ö. One year later I was married to Ö in Ciragan palace; I still see myself walking through the Atrium hall (see picture) with 3 'butlers' in fronts of us. Today, Ö and I are 7 years married. And 7 years means more to me than 5, or 10 or even 25. For me 7, 14, 21 or 28 are magical numbers. And I never regretted that I made the move from Miami to Istanbul and married Ö.
(for privacy reasons, no personal pics) Tonight we are celebrating.

Pulling out the root of evil

Last week I witnessed the ludricacy and influence of the media up close and personal. Spending some time with Hans (and Özlem; thanks for your hospitality in Istanbul!), some of my feelings and thoughts about justice and objectivity appeared very clear to me. Before that I was only vaguely being aware of them. In that way this column is an addition to the article of Claire Berlinski, published at this site in June 5th.

Being blessed with a kind of naitivity on the subject, being able to think for myself and also having a pacifist state of mind, I tend to condemn the ongoing discussion of who is right and who is wrong. I tend to, but then again that's also being judgmental.

So, let me explain what has been my point of view. I will concentrate on Flotilla-Gate (as I named in my comment earlier on), but please apply it whereever you think it can be applied to. Let's say in every situation with two parties defending their right against the other's wrong.

First of all, the conflict in the Middle East could have been ended a long time ago if the involved parties were open for conversation. Conversation means more than talking, it also is about listening to eachother. It is about listening to eachother without prejudice and judgement blurring the partners of conversation. It could be so easy, just have the visor opened and listen to what the other is experiencing and just place yourself in that situation. Now it seems to be focusing on all bad elements of the opposing party/enemy. The sole result is that parties end up at the same position as where they started from, or even worse, because of frustration about the other 'not listening'. This is obvious on the political level, but on a lower level, say on the level of media and opinion makers, this is also the case. I had long discussions, trying to make clear that the follow up of an incident that took place on a ship, was triggered by the perception of the truth, which means that every individual has his or her own truth. Once you are aware of that, you will be able to step out of the perception, and open up to what others have to say. Hence, a step to a better world is made, because then you are able to accept objectivity and even the opinions of others. Nowadays innocent people are judged, injured of killed of what they seem to represent, only because the offender is holding on to his or her perception of the truth.

Second, being less involved and opinionated than others provides me with the ability to be somehow neutral in this case (although Hans disagrees). Sure, I have my own opinion on what has happened somewhere in front of the shores of Gaza, but rigidly holding on to this believe prevents me of looking at it from different perspectives. Yes, I condemn the acts of violence of both sides, and yes, I strongly condemn the reaction of narrow minded people, wanting to extinct everything reminding of the so-called enemy. But no, I don't take side, unless measurable evidence is presented. But there's the hardest part. Almost every investigation is covered with a veil of subjectivity, either it is direct involvement or indirectly (oil).

Therefore I'll keep following the interesting discussions, always keeping in mind that these are based on the perception of truth...
Meanwhile in Holland, even more important than the Mediterrean conflict, are the national elections next Wednesday. The news is totally dominated by it.

What a relief it is that every country considers it's own interests and importance as being the center of the world!

Still I'm looking forward to my next visit to Turkey somewhere at the end of September. You know, the country with its beautiful history, lots of business opportunies and sunny days that bring me heat and inspiration in a positive way.

Day Opening - June 7

It was yesterday D-Day!!!