Friday, May 28, 2010

Dutch Doctors organization say no to circumcision

“The circumcision of boys is in the vast majority of cases medically pointless, risky and is moreover a violation of the child’s physical integrity.” This is the new standpoint released by the Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG). Between 10,000 and 15,000 boys are circumcised in the Netherlands each year, mostly for religious reasons, and the KNMG “objects to it in principle”.

The association takes the line that if there’s no medical reason for an operation, you shouldn’t do it. “The rule is you don’t cut healthy children,” the KNMG’s chairman said. The operation is far riskier than people think, the association claims, and it’s advising doctors to point out the dangers to parents before wielding the scalpel.
The KNMG isn’t calling for a ban, as with the much more severe practice of female genital cutting, because this would just push the practice underground. And a urologist  stresses that the objections are only against circumcising babies and young boys: “When they’re older people can decide whatever they like.”
And I tend to agree with him.

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