Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who are the Young Civilians (organization) in Turkey

Below an article about the Young Civilians in Turkey:

Why is “young civilians”? why do you name yourselves as such?

“Young Civilians” has appeared as our name by a manifest on the Kurd issue declared on 19th May, 2006. Young Civilians is an umbrella group executing the Political Vision Movement which most of us are members. It is the naughty boy inside us. However, civil society experience of the team creating Young Civilians is much older than it. We as a group of youths from various universities pioneered by METU (Middle East Technical University) Communication Society gathered together in Van on 19th May, 2000. We, youths the perception of state and political memorization collapsed by the earthquake of 1999 organized an alternative youth celebration of 19 May (originally a national youth festival day celebrated every year the same day). These gatherings have been carried on in different cities such as Istanbul, Rize, Konya and Ankara every year on 19th May since 2000. By these gatherings in which we brought together intellectuals and youths from very different social segments, we searched for the possibilities of constructing a new, creative and opposing discourse, and a local, honest, democratic position. The name of ‘Young Civilians Are Uncomfortable’ grounds on “Let’s Save the ‘19th May’s from Stadiums,” a manifest declared at a gathering on 19th May, 2003 in a salon of TBMM (the Parliament of Turkey). In summary, we declared at the gathering that ‘these stadium ceremonies existed only in totalitarian countries and they are old-fashion way of ceremony’. Our manifest was in the headlines of many newspapers the next day. we were subjected to scathing criticisms for two weeks afterwards. A newspaper, Cumhuriyet put the headline “Young Army Officers Are Uncomfortable” the next month following to our manifest while one of the five reasons of their discomfort as “Young Civilians are Uncomfortable” comes from a reference to that headline.
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Best city to live in

I could not find Istanbul on the list as they only publish the first 50 of the 221 cities but
Amsterdam is the 13th most pleasant city to live in as  the annual league table of cities published by the Mercer advisory agency once again rates Amsterdam number 13 out of a total of  the 221 cities. (scroll down for the first 50) The highest ranking city of East European cities is Prague ranking 70, so Istanbul and Bursa (also included in the survey) must be after place 70 (Turkey falls under the category Europe).

Top of the list is Vienna - once again - followed by Zurich and Geneva (all three boring im my opinion). Vancouver and Auckland tied for fourth place. And once again Baghdad came in 221st place.
Mercer determines the quality of life in each city on the basis of 39 factors in ten categories. The agency looks at the political climate, economic conditions, the social and cultural environment, health and sanitation, schools and education, public services and transport, consumer goods, housing and the natural environment.
A spokesman for Amsterdam's culture alderman Carolien Gehrels says the Dutch capital is satisfied with its rating. "We'd like to be first, of course, but 13th place shows that Amsterdam is a pretty good place to live."

Day Opening - May 26

Argentina celebrated yesterday their 200 years of Independecy