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Save the nation, allow drugs (the Netherlands)

While in most countries even marijuana is prohibited, the former Dutch (conservative) European Commissioner Frits Bolkestein c.s. wants to see an ending of the prohibition of all drugs in the Netherlands.
Frits Bolkestein had an interesting career in international business  (SHELL) and politics and was party leader of the Dutch VVD (liberals, which means in the Netherlands: conservative, free market minded and  small government minded party) Here his article and why he wants that soft and hard drugs must be free available.

Austerity measures to cut public spending are a hot topic for debate everywhere in Europe. In the Netherlands, where a new parliament will be elected next month, several proposals to reduce spending by 30 billion euros are on the table. All of these proposals hit where it hurts, but one option could actually be a welcome relief: drug regulation. By 'regulation', we mean: permitting the production and sale of drugs under strict conditions designed to minimise use, while making it as safe as possible.

Regulation, however, remains a colossal taboo, even in the Netherlands. And in spite of the Dutch cabinet's pledge that no subject would be taboo in its review of potential austerity measures, a government committee charged with studying possible cutbacks in the security sphere has barely dared broach the subject. It has only considered further regulating the less harmful drugs, marijuana and hashish, which could – under certain assumptions - save 183 million euros now spent on law enforcement and other government efforts, and generate 260 million in taxes. The committee said nothing of other drugs.
Recreational drugs were made illegal in the Netherlands 40 years ago. But they are used more frequently than ever, and there are no indications whatsoever that prohibition is effective. It is absolutely certain, though, that prohibition is causing extensive damage, the extent of which has barely registered with the public. At least half of all crime in this country is caused by drugs, either directly or indirectly.
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