Friday, May 14, 2010

The Rabbit and Legal Aid...

The Netherlands is a country of animal lovers, it even has an Animal Rights Party in the Dutch Parliament with two seats. But this sounds too crazy for me: the Council for Legal Aid has ruled that it was wrong to grant legal aid to a woman who wanted to see her old bunny so badly that she went to court.

“Punkie’s case” as it has become known, and The Council for Legal Aid is now trying to get the money back.
Why? It all began with an aggressive rabbit, the aforesaid Punkie. A woman in the Dutch capital had found a new home for the bad bunny at a farm. But when she received a letter jokingly telling her Punkie had been put in its place and the fluff was everywhere, she got worried and demanded to be given the farm’s address.
The judge in the case was not only surprised that the case had been brought before him at all, he was also astonished that the woman had actually received legal aid. Apparently she lost the case. But the new owner did make one concession and sent a photo showing Punkie alive and kicking.
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Turkish hacker responsible for Twitter follower bug

Interesting, or not.))

It would appear that a Turkish hacker is behind a bug that struck the Twitter social networking website earlier this week, causing users -- including celebrities -- to “lose” all their followers.

The bug interfered with the networking component of the Twitter site that allows users to “follow” and “be followed” by other users, enabling them to share messages and updates. The hacker’s bug overrode the permission component of this process on the site, meaning that any user could force any other user to follow them without having to submit the request for verification first. As part of their efforts to fix the bug, Twitter staff had to employ a method that temporarily removed the list of all those following and being followed on Twitter. Users were still able to post messages but had no way of knowing whether anybody else could see their posts. Celebrities and others eagerly “Tweeted” about the doings of the hacker.
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