Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dutch football club 'bans' non-native children

The ends of the Dutch Multi-cultural expirement? Or simple too many parallel societies?
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A Dutch football club has announced it will no longer accept new junior members of foreign descent. It is not the only amateur club struggling with immigrant parents, who organisations claim do less than their share to keep their clubs running.

By Irene de Pous and Freek Schravesande

Sports bags were cast onto the pitch, quickly followed by two boys who wriggled their way through the fence surrounding it. It was 6:15 on a Thursday evening: practice time for the youngest members of amateur football club GLZ, located amidst Rotterdam's multiethnic neighbourhoods.

Junior coach Hatip Ersoy, on his way to the pitch with a net full of footballs, said he had been left aghast by the decision announced by Quick 1888 last week. This amateur football club in Nijmegen will be putting children of foreign descent who apply for membership on a waiting list, while allowing native Dutch youth members. "The stupidest thing they could do," Ersoy said. "Isn't a club supposed to be a reflection of its neighbourhood?"

Foreign parents don’t help out

The main motivation for Quick 1888's decision is that immigrant parents are generally less willing to spend time helping out at the club, either by staffing the cafeteria or by arranging for transport to away games. This is considered a sin at Dutch amateur football clubs, which are largely kept afloat by the goodwill and dedicated efforts of their members. Currently, over 80 percent of Quick 1888's juniors are of foreign descent, and it is suffering logistically as a result. Native Dutch are said to feel less and less at home at the club. Members of Nijmegen's' city council have already expressed their misgivings over Quick 1888's new policy. Five mothers sitting in GLZ's canteen on Thursday night were also astounded by the move. "Not involved? Us?" said mother Dilek, who hardly missed any of her son's practice sessions in the last five years.

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