Thursday, May 6, 2010

in Barcelona (1)

Wow, Barcelona is indeed an amazing city which I tried to deny stubbornly its existence for 30 years and wow, if I want to hear Dutch, I don’t have to go to the Netherlands but Barcelona! Now I know why so many Dutch football players and coaches feel at home here. Dutch cheese heads everywhere. The idiol spot for an old advertisement guy like me to examine the behavior of the Dutch Johnnie’s and Anita’s, right Bertus..) And the perfect spot to see how female taxi drivers handle their customers...

Barcelona is a compact beautiful city with so many amazing sites, that I will put some pictures we made this weekend, when we are back in good old Istanbul, on this blog. We love the so friendly people (while the city is so overpopulated with tourists that you would expect some kind of tourism-fatigue…no way!), the beauty of old city, modern architecture, human friendly fascilities, magnificent views and Gaudi, that we, Ö and I declared this one of our favorite cities among Ö’s Tokyo, Bangkok and mine Prague and ours Budapest, Miami, Rome and Buenos Aires. Now only some pictures of Gaudi's (also the designer of the parc - day opening May 5) La Sagrada Familia, which he designed for his Love for Jesus, our savior...more about this trip to Spain (and Syria) later this weekend.
Now a short night rest and back to Istanbul tomorrow end of the morning!

Results investigation THY airplane crash in Holland

A common malfunction with Boeing radio altimeters, compounded by several errors by pilots, led to last year's fatal crash by a Turkish Airlines plane as it dropped short of the runway at Amsterdam's airport, according to investigators' final report released Thursday.

Flight TK1951 - a Boeing 737 carrying 135 passengers and crew from Istanbul - crashed 1.5 kilometers from Schiphol Airport on Feb. 25, 2009. The three pilots were among nine people killed.

The Dutch Safety Board investigation affirmed its initial findings that a faulty altimeter played a key role in the crash. The altimeter registered the plane's altitude as being below sea level when it began its final descent from 2,000 feet (610 meters), which in turn caused the plane's autopilot to reduce the throttle to an idle too soon.

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Day Opening - May 6

Parc Gaudi, Barcelona