Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dutch-Turkish ex-minister makes handlines again.

The number two on Labour's election list, former deputy justice minister Nebahat Albayrak (born in Sivas Turkey) told journalists that civil servants should be allowed to refuse to perform same-sex marriages on religious grounds. In fact her view is in direct opposition to "the progressive stance on refusenik civil servants taken by the party".

One wonders if she would allow a neo-Nazi civil servant to refuse to marry a Jew and a Gentile or if she would condone a refusal by a white nationalist civil servant to marry people of different races. She always had the benefit of the doubt but now she really has to shut up.

Looks like that she already regretted her 'opinion', but the damage is already done: Labor Party was always strict regular but became more and more a party which radical stance against everything Christian or Jew goes hand in hand with a pro-islamitic course. By the end of May the Muslem Brotherhood (banned in countries such as Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia etc.) will organize a congres in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Most political parties already protested this 'event', but not Labor!

Day Opening - April 21

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