Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Better of in prison than on welfare...

An unlikely victim of the current global economic crisis: Dutch prisons. “Thousands of detainees are without work… as companies farm out less and less work to custodial institutions.” In order to combat this downward trend “a national marketing organisation is being set up to attract new customers.” It’s a dramatic turnaround. As recently as 2008, the prisons had trouble keeping up with demand.

Dutch prisons have a long working tradition, which takes in everything from making clothes to metal work and carpentry and some institutions even have complete factories and a range of companies from painting firms to print shops. Call centres have also been added to the range of services provided. The detainees are paid 76 cents an hour, roughly equivalent to a social welfare income. The recent downturn poses a problem for prison regimes, as rules dictate that guards cannot simply force prisoners to spend more time in their cells.
You get paid the same as someone on welfare...but you don't pay rent and food...

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