Monday, April 5, 2010

Islam Critic Necla Kelek, A Turkish-German writer, An Enthusiastic Defender of Freedom

An really interesting artcile!

The Turkish-German writer Necla Kelek is a vehement defender of democracy. Her criticism of Islam has made many German intellectuals uneasy. But has she been unjustly vilified?

There are also problems among Germans, it's not just the Turks, a young man points out. Necla Kelek is familiar with this objection -- it's one she hears again and again. She grimaces for a moment but then smiles gently and says in a confessional tone, "There are also a lot of things not right in Germany."
The young man is satisfied, and Necla Kelek later admits that certainly not all Muslims pose a problem for democracy in Germany. In fact most of them certainly don't -- but there are still the few who do and they are the ones she has chosen to focus on. It's the problems she is concerned with, she says.

Kelek, 52, a German woman with Turkish roots, is sitting in the cultural center in Achim, a town near Bremen in northern Germany. She has just finished a reading from her new book, "Himmelsreise" ("Journey to Heaven").
The book casts a critical look at Islam and condemns the oppression and lack of freedom within Turkish communities and families in Germany.
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It's raining in Macondo

At least I suspect it is. It's snowing here. It has been snowing or raining for several weeks, although it has not stopped the peas, asparagus, spinach, onions, or lettuce from growing. We have been eating corn salad for several weeks, along with wild greens such as creaseys, dandelions, amaranth, and chives. We even found a bowl of morels on the edge of the straw mulch we put down west of the rhubarb (which has also been tasty in pies, crisps, and adding savor to roasted chicken).

We happen to live in a country where collateral damage happens elsewhere, unless you call 911 to report a domestic disturbance. Then all bets are off. If you are stupid enough to call the local cops or the sheriff's department, you get what you deserve. I have yet to see a single law enforcement official ever indicted for killing an unarmed civilian. But hell, if God had not meant for cops to kill whoever they could, He wouldn't have given them so many goddamn guns.

I can't remember if I am late for Tuesday after lunch last week or early for the next. Seriously now, does it matter? In my life, to this point, nothing has mattered, and if it's left up to me, nothing is going to matter between now and the end of the world. In fact, I think that the end of the world is a continuing source of amusement for people like me, who may number in the hundreds of thousands of meaningless mobile blobs on the landscape, waiting to be accidentally slaughtered in the war without end. Of course, I'd have to move to some targeted country to do my part in adding to the body count, and that's not likely to happen. I like still learning English. I don't have time for those guttural languages.

This being Easter and all, when those who pray that Christ won't come back as a brain eating zombie to gnaw on their fearfully ignorant skulls, I do want to comment on the insane drivel of the Vatican homily given by the Pope's own drooling cocksucker, the Right Rev. Vaginiera Cuntalamessa, who is probably getting at least a significant portion of his vow of poverty paid for by your favorite multinational corporation for arguing that the fact that priests have been enthusiastically buttfucking boys and girls as part of the absolution process for several centuries without fear of prosecution is clear evidence of God's way to Man and for anyone to suggest that the Holy See was wrong in condoning or encouraging such God-sanctioned behavior is the equivalent of the Nazis gassing jews, gypsies, faggots, and other undesirables, such as you...where was I?

Was I going to condemn the lunacy or applaud it? I have no idea. I don't really give a damn who does what to whom for what purpose. Do you?

If so, facto. Pass me the Preparation H.

It is still raining in Macondo. Always has. Always will.

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