Saturday, April 3, 2010

GPS system for dementia sufferers...

An initiative that help people to get out and about, features a GPS system that allows dementia sufferers to take a walk by themselves “giving patients more freedom and carers more rest”. It reveals that “many people with dementia have an uncontrollable urge to go walking”. Instead of always having to accompany them, carers can now log in on a computer to see where their charges are. Experts concede that the system is not yet ideal but have every hope that the teething troubles will soon be solved. The latest version is even equipped with a “bring me home button” which activates a kind of “sat nav” to guide the walker back the way they came.
Another iniative is about the Netherlands’ first allotment garden for the disabled. Research shows that allotment gardeners are among the happiest people in the Netherlands. So why shouldn’t the disabled benefit too?” It talks to one of the participants Ton who says “We used to have a garden, which is why this project appealed to me. Being out in the open air – that’s the most important thing for me. And doing a share of the work, even if I can’t do much.” A researcher involved in the project insists “Green spaces are more than just a luxury. They improve people’s health. It’s something the Dutch healthcare sector should make better use of to improve patients’ health.”

Day Opening - April 3

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