Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour

Earth Hour, Yesterday:
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In need of new notions by CENGİZ AKTAR

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made the following statement March 19 regarding the polemic he himself started following his United Kingdom visit: “The words I uttered in London that I could deport people from Armenia [working] in my country and my remarks that we could consider this, were, and still are, exploited by both national and international circles malevolently; they removed the word ‘illegal.’”

Then while receiving artists, he repeated himself in detail.

These words clearly reveal the prime minister’s state of mind on such grave matters. First of all, illegal or not, if the issue is Armenians in Turkey, one must be very careful about the language as the matter is extremely sensitive and amply painful. Armenians were in Anatolia even before Turks, but now they are not. No matter how you name it, this is not normal. It is not an issue to be underestimated, not at all.

The prime minister’s words and explanations show that the he has no sensitivity on the subject matter. Millions in Turkey, including the prime minister, have been subjected to a 90-year-old denialist curriculum at schools on the annihilation of Anatolian Armenians. So if nobody knows anything today, it is in a way understandable, however unacceptable. But if the person refusing to hear different perspectives on the subject, face harsh facts or bully around is the prime minister of Turkey, then this is a very serious matter.
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