Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some interesting facts about Turkish Dutch in the Netherlands and more...

One interesting finding is that almost 60% of Turks think there are too many foreigners in the Netherlands.

Non-Western immigrants (mainly Turkish, Morocs) who live in 'black' neighborhoods, have less contact with ethnic Dutch than immigration who live in 'white' neighborhoods. That is the conclusion of the study 'Maakt de buurt verschil?'(Does the neighborhood make the difference?) by the Dutch Social and Cultural Planning Bureau (SCP). The report was presented today. The study was prepared for the Ministry of Housing and Integration.

According to the researchers, mixing ethnic Dutch and immigrations increases the chances for contact. The report also shows that education, language, employment and generation are important explanations for the existence of mutual contact.
More facts:
-The more non-Western immigrants the neighborhood has, the less contact immigrant residents have with ethnic Dutch. Ethnic Dutch in a 'black' neighborhood associate more with immigrants than ethnic Dutch who live in a 'white' neighborhood.
-The researchers say that 52% of ethnic Dutch never associate with non-Western immigrants for leisure activities. 35% of Turkish-Dutch, 29% of Moroccan-Dutch, 17% of Antillian-Dutch and 14% of Surinamese-Dutch never associate with ethnic Dutch out of work.

About 40% of the respondents of Turkish, Moroccan and Antillean origin and 33% of Surinamese-Dutch personally experienced discrimination (or feel excluded)
But also, about 40% of Turkish-Dutch and 35% of Moroccan-Dutch would oppose it if their children would choose an ethnic Dutch spouse. Surinamese and Antilleans don't think it's as bad, respectively 5% and 3% would make a point of it. 22% of the ethnic Dutch weren't charmed by the idea that their children would choose an immigrant partner.
Ethnic Dutch were least positive about Moroccan and Antillean Dutch [ed: both groups appear quite often in the news regarding crime]. On a scale of 0-100, Moroccans got 45 points, Antilleans 48, Turks 55 and Surinamese 58. Non-Western immigrants were in general more positive about ethnic Dutch.

58% of the Turks think that the Netherlands is full and should not accept more immigrants, compared to 44% of ethnic Dutch and about 33% of Moroccan, Surinamese and Antilleans who think there's too many foreigners.

On a study of 2 years ago:

The Hague: Too many foreigners

About 60% of city residents, regardless of ethnic background, think that the number of foreigners in the city is too high.

By Turks this feeling is greatest: 73% of Turks think that the number of foreigners in the city is too big. By Dutch 58% think so and by Moroccans and Surinamese 53%.
This according to a yearly survey of city residents by the municipality. The surveyors also checked how people felt about their own neighborhoods.

My question: who is simple dissatisfied or who is xenophop?
All sources are Dutch ones. Therefore no links.

Bodrum architecture

Gokhan Avcioglu is the architect behind this inventive house which can be found in Bodrum, Turkey. Featuring pools on top of the house, the design of the ‘Exploded House’ definitely stands out, but somehow appears like it fits perfectly among its surrounding environment.

Rainwater is collected and stored in the pool on the roof. The water then cascades from the roof onto another and is then circulated. This creates a natural cooling system for the hot climate in which the house is located.
Kudos to Ali Bekman and Ozlem Avcioglu for taking the amazing photographs of the domestic design wonder known as the ‘Exploded House.’

Through: trendhunter

Day Opening - March 24

Lake Van, Turkey