Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The mark of McCain

As hard as it may seem to most of the world, last night the United States of the NOMF™ took its first little baby steps toward hunting down and rounding up terrorists in the insurance industry who are the direct descendants of trickle down necronomics, where the motto was "Don't worry. Urine, all the way." Or maybe it was "Don't worry. We're happy." Not that it matters.

Poor feeble-minded John, as opposed to bald-headed John from that classic Zappa tune, Dong Work for Yuda. Apparently, our living mush-headed hero McCain is suffering from post dramatic sleaze disorder, in which doomed Republicans gather together in cramped basement media entertainment centers to stroke each other's insignificant penises while dreaming of Olympia Snow and listening to the soundtrack from Lemmings.

I guess John is having second thoughts about having let Karl Rove talk him into putting Sairhead Sirhan Palin on the ticket to ensure that another spineless Democrat — who also conveniently happened to be shamelessly non-white — would be doomed to failure and humiliation as the result of inheriting eight years of fiscal, domestic, and foreign policy incompetence. Gee, I wonder what Sairhead is thinking about. She looks like her panty shield is leaking.

You can read the entire screed here.

Day Opening - March 23

De Keukenhof, the Netherlands, yesterday.