Monday, March 15, 2010

InterNations - the Expat Community!

A couple of weeks ago I received a very friendly email of Philipp, the founder and Managing director of InterNations, an expat forum/web site. He found our blog Internation Musing interesting and wanted to exchange logo’s. I know InterNations since I was invited to become a member one year ago, and to be honest, I didn’t know that much of them only that they have an excellent website and are connected all around the world through more than 200 expat communities. But I made some great connections here in Istanbul. And promised myself to attend once their monthly meeting down here in Istanbul. Philipp and I had some interesting email exchange and since then, their Istanbul logo, is on the right screen of this website, tough still not well displayed.
Tomorrow evening, finally, I will have my ‘maiden entrance’ at their monthly Istanbul expat get-together of this great off-line/on line organization and I encourage you to do the same in the more than 200 places where InterNations have their monthly get-togethers
Below you will find a description of InterNations:

The online community InterNations attracts thousands of members in search of new contacts abroad every month. InterNations is the international social networking service for expats and global minds worldwide. The members are diplomats, managers and employees of multinational companies, IGOs and NGOs, foreign correspondents as well as their families. They actively discuss both local and global issues and also meet up in over 235 communities on a regular basis. In Turkey InterNations has five communities at the moment in Ankara and Istanbul.

After celebrating its second anniversary in late 2009, the German start-up recently hit the 150,000 members mark. InterNations was founded by three young entrepreneurs and has been online since September 2007. They came up with an web-based solution for the ‚real-life‘ problems of the expat community – and their business concept was promptly awarded the “Land der Ideen” award by the German government and the Federation of German Industries.

Due to the members huge interest in real-life networking, the site is no longer imaginable without the casual InterNations get-togethers. Hosted by so-called Ambassadors, they serve as a valuable addition to the site’s online services. The biggest communities, like New York, Munich, London or Madrid have 300 to 500 attendees at their monthly Events. In total, there are worldwide around 100 InterNations Events and Get-togethers every month. Istanbul is a growing community and already has more than 200 attendees at its monthly InterNations Events.

An interesting fact mentioned worth is; our co-blogger on this forum, Seda, is establishing at the moment a chapter of InterNations in Thessaloniki. (Seda is also in charge to modernize our blog, but that’s another point..later)

Day Opening - March 15

Pamukkale, Denizli, Turkey