Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Definition Of Secular Humanism | Discovering Secular Humanism

The Definition Of Secular Humanism | Discovering Secular Humanism

Wilders and Erdogan; two of a pair.

G. Wilders of the anti-Islam and far-right party PVV in the Netherlands was yesterday in London to show his Fitna film in the House of Lords on invitation of Lord Malcolm Pearson, a member of parliament's upper house and head of the eurosceptic UK Independence Party (UKIP).

During the following press conference he defined the prophet Mohammed, after a question by a reporter of Al Jazeera, as `barbarian, a mass assassin and a pedophile'. An American asked what Wilders priorities would be if he become the next prime minister of the Netherlands: ‘’ending the mass immigration from Islamic countries' and that he would act rapidly against crime, especially which of `growing criminal minority’ under Moslems’’. On a question of a Turkish reporters what his thoughts were about Turkey and their PM Erdogan he blunt said: ‘’Erdogan is a total freak and the country is conducted by `retards'. Another reporter asked around `is this man always this way?

Yes, of course, he loves to shock people especially if reporters from countries where there is no freedom of religion and no press freedom are around, which gives him maximum exposure. And in return, some hate imams start some riots and that justifies his words…

I don’t share Wilders views, only his view on Turkish PM Erdogan is mine. A prime minister who is always angry and bully his way around in domestic and foreign affairs (here, here and here) completely based upon his radical Islamic views is exactly the same as the person on the opposite side of his views: G. Wilders.

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