Monday, March 1, 2010

Tea Party prominent Tom Tancredo : Palin not presidential!

An interesting interview with Tom Tancredo.

Former Republican congressman Tom Tancredo was the opening speaker at the recent Tea Party conference with Sarah Palin. In an interview with the Dutch newspaperNRC Handelsblad, he spoke his mind about Palin. "I really don’t have this feeling about her as being presidential.’’ He referred to John McCain as a “nasty, mean’’ and “peculiarly unstable’’ man. Moreover, Tancredo pointed to a possible personal embarrassment: if Tea Party activists would find out he actually voted for the bailout of the financial sector in 2008, he concedes he would loose his credibility.
As a Republican congressman from Colorado, Tom Tancredo became well-known for his hard-line opposition to illegal immigration. Last year, the 65-year-old retired from the House of Representatives after a decade. Meanwhile, the country shifted to the left during his prospectless bid for the Republican presidential nomination. Moderate John McCain won the primaries, Barack Obama became president and there seemed to be no place left for Tancredo in national politics. But now he has made his way back into the limelight as one of the faces of the Tea Party movement.

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National Compliment Day celebrated in the Netherlands

"Don't be stingy, pat a colleague on the back, its National Compliment Day," headlines of a daily Dutch newspaper to highlight the eighth edition of compliment day and Hans Poortvliet tells: "I started it because "the Dutch are rather sparing with compliments". Exactly!
Mr Poortvliet, who also has a website full of handy tips and advice for the folks who don’t know how to pay a compliment, stated that it is part of the Dutch nature and culture not to show one's appreciation but "sometimes it's really nice to hear that you're doing a good job".
He warns, "watch out, a compliment only works if it's meant," adding, "the manager who suddenly pops up and start paying random compliments shouldn't be surprised if people regard him with suspicion or amazement". And isn't that sad...
Welcome to the Netherlands!
(on the picture Hans Poortviet - blue shirt, without tie - opens the Dutch stock exchange this morning and waits for a compliment)

Day Opening - March 1

Parc, Madrid, at night.