Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fear Rules; Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

According this message of Radio the Netherlands worldwide, fear rules;

A conference centre in The Hague has cancelled the launch of a book criticising Islam. The book launch was scheduled for Thursday at The World Forum, but was cancelled because the director of the venue does not believe he can guarantee the safety of his guests (and the guests are by invitation only). The book in question is Islamofobie? (Islamophobia?), written by Islam critic and PVV supporter Frans Groenendijk. The PVV, or Freedom Party is an anti-Islamic opposition party led by Geert Wilders. Green Left party member Tofik Dibi (a Muslim himself), who was to receive the first book at the launch, says he regrets that the conference centre acted out of fear. The venue says it has not received any threats but acted obvious out of fear.

But lets talks now about the difference between Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, and I want to make that statement: 'Where Anti-Semitism is completely institutionalized these days in countries of the Middle East and is pure based upon hate of Jews, Islamophobia sets no preconception of hatred feeling, but it is the fear for Islam, which is not motivated exactly the way as the fear for nature crashes, but by perception. It are the pictures of 9/11, of Madrid, London and Bali. It are the speeches of ayatollah Khomeiny and the actions of Mahmoud Ahmadinezjad, the programs of Hamas, Hezbollah and the Moslem brotherhood, the video of the perpetrators of suicide attacks, the lapidating of women and the hanging of homosexuals. It are the horrible human, women, children rights records in all of the 51 nations of the Organization of Islamic States. It is the fatwa against Salman Rushdie and it are the protests against the Mohammed cartoons, it is the statement that Islam is peace and that Jihad means ‘inner effort’, whereas the Qur’an proves the opposite and so do the Jihadists. Islamofobia have therefore to do with experiences and perception. Thereby plays no role that only a minority of the Moslems brings the Islam in disparagement as long as the peaceful majority is not able the silence the minority by actions such as fatwa’s against all above. Maybe the majority is frightened for the impact of a polemic when doings so and that also means practicing Islamohobia!

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