Thursday, February 11, 2010


After the well introduced Dr. Faust, who will gets his Picture framed here on the sidebar, another new co-blogger will join Internations: Mr. Osman. A Dutch of Turkish descent; Turkish-Dutch or Dutch-Turkish? I don’t know where he’s born but soon you will find out. My favorite word of 2009 is the word ‘husbanned’, created by Osman and now included in the Urban Dictionary here. I love his irony and he loves my Dutch grammar since he’s correcting it all the time and offered me an ‘inburgering course (how to adapt to Dutch society) to the Dutch social order’. No Thanks.

I also included two other blogs to the blogroll of Internations: a Nomadic View – and Expat in Izmir Turkey whose blog I know for years but forgot always to put on the blogroll here and Orangesplaash, of an Indian expat in the Netherlands. Enjoy!

Pictures of Dr. Faust and Mr. Osman on the side bar...

I was passed out drunk...

I know, I know. I made a commitment to post weekly Tuesday after lunch, and I should live up to that commitment, but sometimes I just can't.

When I was a teenager I never expected to live to 20. At 20, 25 seemed totally improbable, and here I am heading toward 64 with nothing between me and my death except you. Well, aren't you special?

I went to see Crazy Heart yesterday with Mrs. Faustroll after physical therapy to get my leg back to where I can kick at arresting officers to provoke them to do the kinds of things my tax dollar pay for, and for the first 10 minutes or so, I was enchanted. There were lots of inside jokes and when Bad put his cigarette out in the shot glass, I really was pulling to see something worth wasting 90 minutes of my ludicrous life on.

The rest of the film sucked. Bridges was great. Maggie was great (in five or six different roles that were supposed to be a single character), the kid was great, Colin Farrell was great, the photography was great, and Robert Duvall was as bad as he has been since Tender Mercies, but that's not what I'm writing about.

Nothing that I write about is ever what I am writing about, but you already know that. Tonight I am farting and huge noxious brown clouds of philosophy are blotting out the sun, and you really should appreciate that you are not here, while I am thinking about how retards should henceforth be considered intellectually challenged.

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Day Opening - February 11

Fog in the mountains of Rize, Turkey - by Ahmet Naci