Friday, January 22, 2010

To Understand Turkey and Turkish people

Below you will find a column by Orhan Kemal Cengiz, a friend.
If I write down what he wrote in Today's Zaman a couple of days ago, I was 'hanged, cursed, fatwaa'd' and named a racist, colonialist, orientalist (what's wrong with that - the Orient still percieve the rest of the world as colonial barbarians - stuck in the past) facists and of course a Zionist. But this time Orhan wrote it down. A Turk. I know that some nationalist will try to define the guy as a Greek, Armenian or worse Jewish (...) spy. But he's only a simple Turkish lawyer and Human Rights activist.

Just read:

If you know something about the human soul then you’ll understand Turkey.

But you can’t understand it with theories or concepts. In Turkey, infrastructure is not dependent on superstructure, even in the final stage. The reverse is also true. In short, you cannot make sense of this country with the help of Marx or Max Weber. You can only understand this country with the help of Yunus, who said, “There is an inner self inside me.”

Turkey is like a wounded person who suffers from a complicated neurosis. You can hear him brag about himself in seizures that are brought on by profound inferiority complexes. He continuously oscillates between two ends of a pendulum. If you cannot understand this neurotic individual, you cannot understand Turkey, either.

Suppose your father had committed a crime before your eyes when you were a kid, and you dedicated your life to denying this incident ever happened. Suppose that you have a number of sisters and brothers. None of you could remember that moment of murder, but occasionally, you talk about it with fuzzy memories. There was a half brother, wasn’t there? But, he had provoked our father too much! But, we can’t remember it all. What happens to these neighbors? All of them are lousy. They try to bring those images before our eyes. They just want to separate our family. They want to strip us of everything we have. We have no friend in this world, and we are all alone.
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Are Dutch getting nuts?

To some this may appear to be a rhetorical question while others may take some comfort regarding their own sanity from a report in a Dutch newspaper of today, which tells that a recent survey among Dutch drivers shows that “Many Dutch people have a personal or even emotional bond with their cars”.

Apparently, twelve percent of all female motorists in that country regularly hold what surely must be very one-sided conversations with their vehicles, compared to only 6 percent of male drivers. Five percent of all motorists even give their cars nicknames, including such gems as The Flea, Old Boy, The Green Monster, The Mini Disco and My Midlife Chrysler. The survey also showed that the Dutch are very careful about their cars and don’t easily trust others to drive in them. The only other person allowed to drive in the old jalopy is usually the owner’s partner...
I am curious how lang those Dutch female drivers talk to their cars?.)) Here in Istanbul, when you see a driver making strange 'moves' 9 out of 10, it are female drivers.))!!

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