Sharia in Sudan, pure sadism

Punitive public floggings are the order of the day in Sudan. Tens of thousands of women are estimated to be subjected to this form of corporal punishment and public humiliation. It is unusual, however, for such scenes to be seen the world over via YouTube. It is unclear what the woman was accused of, nor is her identity known.

YouTube has withdrawn the images from its site, arguing that the content violated the company's conditions of service. The footage can still be seen as you can see above. (Warning: these are shocking images.)

The women involved are often accused of having committed adultery, of being improperly dressed in public, or of having behaved 'indecently' in other ways. Sudanese law, which is based on islamic Sharia rules, does not specify when clothing is considered indecent. This lack of definition allows policemen free reign to determine who is looking indecent. Women who were punished for such offences are usually too ashamed to speak about it.
The PM of Turkey Erdogan must be happy to see how his friend the President of Sudan rules his country...


Anonymous said…
can you give me an example of sharia law that isn't pure sadism?
Unknown said…
yes, you are right: its pervert. ı cannot give one example.

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