Day Opening - Happy Birthday Canada

Happy Birthday Canada (1 July)


Claude said…
Thank you, dear Hans:))

We had a fabulous day. Our Queen came to celebrate with us.
Unknown said…
@Claudia, she is still travelling.))!
Claude said…
She is 84, and marvellous! Walking straight, no cane, fabulous hats, a great smile, a strong voice and good memory. Canadians love her. More than one hundred thousand people to see her on Parliament Hill. She still bends down to accept flowers from children and to speak with them. She also gave private interviews to politicians. She could teach them a thing or two! The Duke follows her, straight and skinny as an ironing board, with a pasty smile. They'll visit a few other provinces.

Canada is a great country. Solid, steadfast, kind to people, loyal to friends. Pride but no arrogance in Canadians.

Thanks again for remembering us. :))

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