Black boxes in operation rooms?

What about introducing a black box into operation rooms at hospitals? Everything a surgeon says and does would be registered as would the condition of the patient. If things went wrong, you would be able to find out exactly what happened. The idea has been introduced in a hospital in the southern Dutch city of Breda. It has been welcomed by the Dutch Health Inspectorate and other hospitals are interested too.
A staggering 1750 patients die unnecessarily in hospitals every year. A doctor explains "By discussing operations and births that go wrong, the number of deaths can be reduced."
The inspectorate agrees a black box would be a "useful aid" to improve team performance. But it warns that it should only be used for this purpose and not to investigate cases afterwards. Otherwise doctors might refuse to cooperate for fears that their work would end up on YouTube.
Interestingly the surname of the journalist who wrote the report happens to be Docter. Coincidence, I guess. Or is Big Brother watching you?


Laane said…
Yep, great idea, those black boxes.
Great last sentence. LOL!

I would love to have black boxes too when child care organisations interview children, families and socallede experts.
Unknown said…
i think that's a good idea. whats more, i think everything should be available online. looking for a good surgean for your heart condition? you should be able to see your options online. trying to rnt a flat? you should learn if the landlord is a whaclo beforehand.

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