Art to pay your medical bills - USA

Freelance artists in the United States can get their medical expenses reimbursed in exchange for pictures. A New York hospital (Woodhull) lis conducting an experiment that's receving a lot of interest from artists, who can barely hold their heads above water financially.
A couple of months ago, US President Barack Obama finally signed a new healthcare law. But freelance artists often can't afford the cost of health insurance.
Photographer Indira Wiegand suffers from asthma. An inhaler costs her 200 dollars, and she can't afford it. Now she takes photos of newborn babies for the hospital, in exhange for which the hospital pays her medical expenses. This some kind of barter agreement. Nothing bad with that.


Laane said…
An inhaler costs 200 dollars?

That's a lot more than here in The Netherlands.

Maybe we asthmatics should adopt an american asthmatic and send an inhaler now and then.
Unknown said…
@Laane, I pay for an inhaler € 125, is 175 USD..(( In Turkey where minimum wage is 540 TL = € 280...

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