Will Purple+ be the Dutch future?

The Dutch national elections resulted in a gap between left and right wing parties. Most of the Christian Democrat voters went to either the Liberals or to the Freedom Party (which name is a farce). Most of the Christian Democrat voters who voted for the Freedom party were from the southern provinces.

The queen decided to appoint an informer who had to investigate a coalition between the largest party, the Liberals, and the Freedom Party, which gained most extra seats in the parliament. Unfortunately this information round didn't work out, because the third potential coalition party, the Christian Democrats, refused to form a government together with Wilders (Freedom Party). Too bad, because now Wilders will be back in the opposition, which will result in more irrational babbling about Islamisation of The Netherlands and creating anti-Muslim sentiments among the brainless mass. I was sincerely hoping for a cabinet with Wilder c.s., so the illusion would collapse within a few months, just like what happened to the LPF in 2002 after a huge win. Now Wilders can profit of his free role to scream and shout whatever the ordinary man wants to hear. Let me be clear, it's a choice between two evils for me, but now the game of negotiation between the more settled political parties takes place.

Although... now the focus is on a so called Purple coalition. In the 90s there was also a combination of Liberals, Socialists and also the smaller Liberal Democrats. Now there's an extra party added, the Green Party. This is quite unique, because the Liberals and Greens are traditionally eachother's opposite. Hopefully durability and entrepreneurship will walk hand in hand, because it is really necessary in this world. If Purple Plus will become reality. And the other two partners of the negotiations? Well, the Socialist party, led by the verbally handicapped leader Cohen, and Liberal Democrats, led by prodigal son Alexander Pechtold seems minor. It is the role of the Greens that's decisive for a coalition that could work.

Conclusion? The Dutch political system is complicated, costing lots of time (since WW2 the total time of negiotiating has been about 6,5 years, based on 26 cabinets with an average time of 90 days!) and unstable cabinets.
Could this be a plea for a simplified two party system, like in the Anglo-Saxon countries? In my humble opinion we should give it a shot at least. It'll take two more cabinets to realise a constitutional change, so I'll have to be patient.


Unknown said…
That sometimes governments collapse, doesn't make the state institutions or the country unstable.
In a system like the USA, not so many people are happy with the oh so polarized system and almost every 4 years new government employees on all levels: that means instability. I opted as you for the first option: let them the PVV proof that they can govern. But everything looks NL will get a minority government with VVD/CDA and maybe D66...'supported' by sometimes the PvdA and sometimes PVV. Besides Muslem bashing, the PVV has a strange social liberal party program. Anyway, rely on the Dutch consensus mentality which is seen as weak in the Muslem world, you dont do concesions..))!!

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