Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day Opening - January 30

Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul. one of the amazing 18 bridges of the world.

Bosphorus Bridge: Although it may not be the longest or largest bridge in the world, the Bosphorus Bridge in Turkey is renowned because it separates two continents, namely Europe and Asia. The Bosphorus Bridge was completed in 1973 with a main span of 3,523ft and clearance of 210ft. In 2005, American tennis star Venus Williams played a five-minute tennis match on the bridge with Turkish player Ipek Senoglu, the first tennis match ever to be played across two continents.


Claude said...

Have you been on it? It looks scary, Hans. :))

Unknown said...

hunderds of times Claudia..)))) and still alive..))

Claude said...

You're my hero, dear Hans! :))))

Mrs Sweetwater said...

wowwww, Venus played on this bridge.
I also live near one of those bridges which connects two countries.
the ambassador bridge. another nive bridge.

Juniper in the Desert said...

Fabulous though Istanbul is, it is not yet part of Europe.

However Europe is becoming part of Arabia.

Check out site.

PS What is your opinion on slavery?