Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snow crime stories

There was a lot of snow in the Netherlands and a flurry of snow crime stories. On its front page of a Dutch daily, it alerts to the fact that groups of youths in Gouda (a city in the West of Holland) are forcing cyclists to stop by building blockades out of snow. Once stationary, they are robbed. The police have nabbed five teenagers for the scam.
A similar racket but on a larger scale is reported from The Hague, where gangs of youths have been building snow roadblocks and robbing motorists caught in the traps.
Another newspapers provides their readers with a happy ending of a third story which begins with a father leaving his five-month-old baby on the back seat of his car. While he nipped off to check on whether the trains were running, the vehicle was stolen. The thief decided stealing a baby was a bit more than he bargained for and dropped the infant off at a supermarket. Staff smelt a rat, took the car's registration number and phoned the police. The thief couldn't get far in the snow and was picked up shortly afterwards. The father was reunited with his baby. Well, it's a happy ending if you're not the thief. Happy Christmas!

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